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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Viviane Sassen and poster decorated township houses

Dear Shaded Viewers,

WHen I was last in Amsterdam I attended an opening at the Motive Gallery for 'Sisters' by Martine Stig. Motive had a stand at the FIAC this month when I was looking through various portfolios I was quite drawn to the work of Viviane Sassen.

Viviane spent part of her childhood in Kenya where her father was a doctor. Her family moved back to Holland and much later she decided to rediscover her childhood memories. She has been traveling extensively in Africa ever since. In fact she is in the process of putting together a book on all of her African work. Expect that in 2007 or 2008.

Documented here are some of the images showing the houses in the township and how they use the surplus western advertising to decorate their homes. It does not cost much and it brightens up their lives. “For these people the western world – the many things we take for granted – represents a dream, a desire that will probably never be fulfilled.” Viviane Sassen


For more information on Viviane Sassen please visit Motive Gallery or go to their site.


Elandsgracht 10
1016 TV Amsterdam
The Netherlands



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Dear Diane Pernet,

Viviane Sassen and Martine Stig have executed a fantastic project which was commissioned by the ArtAids Foundation (in a co-production with Motive Gallery). Could you give us an e-mail adddress to which we can send press release, brochure, some pictures, etc.?

Thank you so much!

Best regards,


Posted by: artaids | Nov 16, 2008 6:35:26 PM

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