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Thursday, 30 October 2008


As I mentioned in my last post, Olga Piedrahita in Bogotá opened her boutique to artists duo "Alegoría" on their first experiment with accessories.

"Alegoría" is the name of the team work of two Colombian Artists Luis Ricardo Castillo and Diana Martin, that started to work together in a series of performances and interventions in the city of Bogotá.
They both keep their personal work in painting, sculptures, performance and installations, work that in a way feeds their team.

Tired of art bureaucracy, they decided to engaged a direct relationship with the person, in this case the client that will wear their work.

Off course is not the fist time, artists flirt with the world of fashion and opposite, but after talking to them I can say that in their case it was a very innocent and even naive, because they know nothing about fashion (and I'm glad of that). Is an approach with no intentions of becoming a brand.

"It all comes from the  idea of something that makes you fall in love through the eye and the hand. The use of symbols that connect your mind with people's minds" says Ricardo.

"Their exercise starts with the thought of the body it self. Their first work is more about a collection of images form them and others ( done with a very interesting technique of transfer) , that become objects to wear.  The second exercise still in progress, is about the prosthesis..." says Diana.




Alegoria's first series: objects to wear
construction: fabrics and raw materials
images: painting and transfer

Infanta 3 I don't have any pictures of the personal work of Diana which is very interesting about the fragmentation of the body...  but you can see a little bit of  Luis Ricardo's personal work "Infantas"

Infanta 2 

Infanta 1 

Infanta 4

to know more


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