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Friday, 31 October 2008

Day 2-Moment- Riga, Latvia - ASVOFF mini screening and fashion shows

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is a bit of a half report since I was happy with where I was sitting but it was not a great location for shooting the shows. Google my site for the collections of Yuima Nakazako from when I saw his collection in Antwerp and the same for Ek Thongprasert. Antoine shot the Latvian designer Liga Banga so that is the one collection that you can see. The evening started with Kristine Kursisa's film Detective which is a collaboration with the curators of Moment, Mareunrol. followed by a great group of short films under the umbrella of Future Shorts. Then the mini version of ASVOFF which screened the winners from the first edition and 3 other films.
P1240148 .

Moments is super chilled out and I loved the fact that Damien told me I could present the films from where I was comfortably sitting. As always everyone laughs through Jeremy Scott's Look Book. I'd really love to see him do movies and have a TV show to rival Ab Fab.


Stills from Jeremy Scott and Peter Jensen's films.


Justin Smith arrived tonight, he will present his collection on the 31st along with Nicolas Di Felice, Sergei Grinko and Ziad Ghanem and the stars of Riga and the curators of Moment, Mareunrol. VJ's will be Diskokaine, Eoghan Kidney, kap10kurt and DJ's Miks & DJ Viesturs from Latvia. The music here is always good.


Ek Thongprasert being interviewed after his show and chatting with ASVOFF's Antoine Asseraf.

Like I said, google my site to see the collections of Ek and Yuima Nakazako but here are the images by Antoine Asseraf of Latvian designer, Liga Banga. Looks a little Martin Margiela meets Viktor & Rolf.


Liga Banga


P1240244 P1240243
Antoine Asseraf and Rolands from Mareunrol and a Latvian designer that wants me to have a look at his work. Later, Diane

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