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Friday, 31 October 2008

Day 2-Moment- Riga, Latvia

Dear Shaded Viewers,

First stop to day was a visit to designers, musicians and artists living in the part of Riga that most resembles Hackney Wick in London. Huge spaces, interesting people and a very chilled out atmosphere.


Kaspars Lielgalvis, the set designer for Detective Kristine Kursisa’s movie and photographer had some of his props in the hallway.  I guess Antoine Asseraf and I wanted to feel like midgets.


Some of Kaspars Lielgalvis photographs from the Mareunrol film, The Dectective which was screened tonight.


I would be quite happy to have a desk this size in a room this size. Next week in Berlin there will be a shop dedicated to the work of Latvian artists, musicians and designers.


We found a copy of WAD in the atelier and Antoine wanted to show the contributors to ASVOF page in it.

When we left there were a bunch of guys trying to remove Damien's car.

I was feeling a little height challenged here. It was a cloudy day.
P1240038 P1240029P1240036

These are traditional lighting fixtures for Christmas and beyond.

Artist Linards Kulless owns a hostel and has an art exhibit currently in Riga.
P1240054P1240055P1240064 P1240072

Linards Kulless with his artwork at his hostel.


Nicolas Di Felice arrived, his show is tomorrow

We had lunch at the MO Bar where Linards Kulless's show was up. Nicolas Di Felice is standing by the worst waitress we have ever seen. My meal was 30 minutes after everyone elses and when she served it she just threw her hands up in disgust. Not sure why a carrott juice and a mushroom soup turned into such an ordeal. However we were happy with the company and seeing the Yelle video directed by our friend Yoann Lemoine on the tv.

We went to do a tech check for the screening tonight. Everybody is talking about the new Boudicca art fragrance, WODE.


More later. Diane

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Indeed, who wouldn't want to be in those fabulous photos...

Posted by: daniel | Oct 31, 2008 11:58:52 AM

Hi Diane, I really enjoy reading your blog. You seem to be doing what everyone wants to do, travelling and meeting talented creative people from all around the world. Thank you for sharing this with us all!

Posted by: travinia | Oct 31, 2008 4:49:01 AM

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