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Friday, 31 October 2008

David Lindwall

Dear Shaded Viewers,


DavidLindwall_InGodWeTrustXxDavid_Lindwall_Reborn_1982_Lookbook_T6 Later, Diane

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Shuck Stone Camouflage opening November 20th Nicy Gallery Paris


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Jody Johnson reports from Obama land

Dear Shaded Viewers,

14) Round the clock TV cov..2) The T-Shirt Deli; every..8) Restaurant in Hyde Park6) Security in Obama's nei..3) Wicker Park Store

4) Wicker Park- Obama and ..13) More volunteers at hea..15) 7 Days left5) Obama's barbershop Hyde..
When you click the images you'll find the credits.

 Chicago is probably one of the best kept secrets in America!  The architecture, stores, restaurants, bars, music; everythig about this place is amazing. The day after I arrived I went to Hyde Park where Melissa, a neighbor of Obama's, gave me a tour. Zooming past his house, all the security around his neighborhood,his barbershop, favorite restaurant, etc.etc. (I hope the titles show up under the images)  Since then, I've been working at Obama headquarters everyday and the energy is unbelievable. Less than a week to go before the elections but the polls are leaning strongly in his favor!! More later.  I love this city.  Bisous from Chicago   Jody

1) Marc Jacobs11) Obama headquarters; pe..
12) Obama headquarters vol..10) Welcome to Illinois He..
More to come from Jody Johnson in Chicago,


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Day 2-Moment- Riga, Latvia - ASVOFF mini screening and fashion shows

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is a bit of a half report since I was happy with where I was sitting but it was not a great location for shooting the shows. Google my site for the collections of Yuima Nakazako from when I saw his collection in Antwerp and the same for Ek Thongprasert. Antoine shot the Latvian designer Liga Banga so that is the one collection that you can see. The evening started with Kristine Kursisa's film Detective which is a collaboration with the curators of Moment, Mareunrol. followed by a great group of short films under the umbrella of Future Shorts. Then the mini version of ASVOFF which screened the winners from the first edition and 3 other films.
P1240148 .

Moments is super chilled out and I loved the fact that Damien told me I could present the films from where I was comfortably sitting. As always everyone laughs through Jeremy Scott's Look Book. I'd really love to see him do movies and have a TV show to rival Ab Fab.


Stills from Jeremy Scott and Peter Jensen's films.


Justin Smith arrived tonight, he will present his collection on the 31st along with Nicolas Di Felice, Sergei Grinko and Ziad Ghanem and the stars of Riga and the curators of Moment, Mareunrol. VJ's will be Diskokaine, Eoghan Kidney, kap10kurt and DJ's Miks & DJ Viesturs from Latvia. The music here is always good.


Ek Thongprasert being interviewed after his show and chatting with ASVOFF's Antoine Asseraf.

Like I said, google my site to see the collections of Ek and Yuima Nakazako but here are the images by Antoine Asseraf of Latvian designer, Liga Banga. Looks a little Martin Margiela meets Viktor & Rolf.


Liga Banga


P1240244 P1240243
Antoine Asseraf and Rolands from Mareunrol and a Latvian designer that wants me to have a look at his work. Later, Diane

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Day 2-Moment- Riga, Latvia

Dear Shaded Viewers,

First stop to day was a visit to designers, musicians and artists living in the part of Riga that most resembles Hackney Wick in London. Huge spaces, interesting people and a very chilled out atmosphere.


Kaspars Lielgalvis, the set designer for Detective Kristine Kursisa’s movie and photographer had some of his props in the hallway.  I guess Antoine Asseraf and I wanted to feel like midgets.


Some of Kaspars Lielgalvis photographs from the Mareunrol film, The Dectective which was screened tonight.


I would be quite happy to have a desk this size in a room this size. Next week in Berlin there will be a shop dedicated to the work of Latvian artists, musicians and designers.


We found a copy of WAD in the atelier and Antoine wanted to show the contributors to ASVOF page in it.

When we left there were a bunch of guys trying to remove Damien's car.

I was feeling a little height challenged here. It was a cloudy day.
P1240038 P1240029P1240036

These are traditional lighting fixtures for Christmas and beyond.

Artist Linards Kulless owns a hostel and has an art exhibit currently in Riga.
P1240054P1240055P1240064 P1240072

Linards Kulless with his artwork at his hostel.


Nicolas Di Felice arrived, his show is tomorrow

We had lunch at the MO Bar where Linards Kulless's show was up. Nicolas Di Felice is standing by the worst waitress we have ever seen. My meal was 30 minutes after everyone elses and when she served it she just threw her hands up in disgust. Not sure why a carrott juice and a mushroom soup turned into such an ordeal. However we were happy with the company and seeing the Yelle video directed by our friend Yoann Lemoine on the tv.

We went to do a tech check for the screening tonight. Everybody is talking about the new Boudicca art fragrance, WODE.


More later. Diane

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Thursday, 30 October 2008


Dear Shaded Viewers and Dear Diane,

My friend Fatima has launched her new VideoClip of her band "Fatima meets Kuriaki".

Fatima Eiras is an underground icon from the “movida madrileña” in the nearly 90s, she started to work in clubs as a go-go dancer and she finished working as the promoter of the two best clubs for house music in Madrid from 93 till 96 (Bocaccio, MidDay), after that period she started to work in the alternative magazine NEO2 while she formed different bands and did a lot of concerts in Madrid. Then she met to Kuriaki... and here is the result... I like it, I hope you too,

ephemeral FATIMA MEETS KURIAKI {Official video´08} from marin & sybila on Vimeo.
©2008 Fatima Meets Kuriaki under exclusive license to Thirteen[rec] Ltd.

If you want to know more about Fatima meets Kuriaki go to:

Hope you enjoy it


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Dear Diane, and dear Shaded Viewers,

I invite you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition in Berlin of the Spanish artist Alberto de las Heras

Alberto_de_las_heras (pic, Alberto de las Heras in madrid fashion week)

The self-taught artist Alberto de las Heras made and exposition yesterday in "mad is mad" gallery in Madrid, Spain. It was so successful that was too crowed, all the people wanted to see the paintings of Alberto. He has been working in the fashion industry for a long time, doing some illustrations for the spanish designers Locking Shocking, or Antonio Alvarado between others. And he has been working also with designer Carlos Diez Diez.



Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, but i did it with my iphone.


The work of Alberto is made in graphite, and medium or big size. Each work has a hundred small details with a strong meaning and with an amazing trace.


Actually his talent is growing up and tomorrow he made another collective exposition in Berlin.

And we cordially invite you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition:

-My Gay Eye-

with works by

Alberto de las Heras, Hans Abbing, Alexander von Agoston, Henning von Berg,
Roland Berger, Raphael T.Deinert, Martina Minette Dreier, Carlos Forns Bada, Fox,
Jens Friedrich, Brandon Herman, Gerhard Hintermann,
Ivo Hofsté, Rinaldo Hopf, Pascual Jordan, Daniel Josefsohn, Ivar Kaasik,
Brian Kenny, John Kirby, Paul Kremp, Edward Lucie-Smith, Master Patrick,
Alex Mene, Slava Mogutin, Anja Müller, Michael Müller, Muskboy,
Jörg Nikolaus, Gonzalo Orquin, Jozef Pavlovic, Raphael Perez, Black Peter,
Roberto Rincon, Nicolaus Schmidt, Christopher Schulz, Aleksandr Schumow,
Pet Silvia, Steam, Jim Verburg, Alexis W., Jonathan Webb,
Jörg Wendt-Gaudreault, Edi Winarni, XerXeX, Etienne Zerah

together with the presentation of the anthology
„My gay eye 5“ published by Konkursbuchverlag

Friday 31. October 2008 at 8 P.M.

Introduction by Claudia Gehrke (Publisher), Axel Schock (Editor)
and Rinaldo Hopf (Co-Curator / Editor)

Songs by Boris Steinberg

Eisenacher Strasse 6
10777 Berlin-Schöneberg Phone: 030 2100 2158 Di - Fr 12-20, Sa 12-18

So, if you are in Berlin and you enjoy with art, we wait you there.
Hope you like it.

Sweet kisses Diane,


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As I mentioned in my last post, Olga Piedrahita in Bogotá opened her boutique to artists duo "Alegoría" on their first experiment with accessories.

"Alegoría" is the name of the team work of two Colombian Artists Luis Ricardo Castillo and Diana Martin, that started to work together in a series of performances and interventions in the city of Bogotá.
They both keep their personal work in painting, sculptures, performance and installations, work that in a way feeds their team.

Tired of art bureaucracy, they decided to engaged a direct relationship with the person, in this case the client that will wear their work.

Off course is not the fist time, artists flirt with the world of fashion and opposite, but after talking to them I can say that in their case it was a very innocent and even naive, because they know nothing about fashion (and I'm glad of that). Is an approach with no intentions of becoming a brand.

"It all comes from the  idea of something that makes you fall in love through the eye and the hand. The use of symbols that connect your mind with people's minds" says Ricardo.

"Their exercise starts with the thought of the body it self. Their first work is more about a collection of images form them and others ( done with a very interesting technique of transfer) , that become objects to wear.  The second exercise still in progress, is about the prosthesis..." says Diana.




Alegoria's first series: objects to wear
construction: fabrics and raw materials
images: painting and transfer

Infanta 3 I don't have any pictures of the personal work of Diana which is very interesting about the fragmentation of the body...  but you can see a little bit of  Luis Ricardo's personal work "Infantas"

Infanta 2 

Infanta 1 

Infanta 4

to know more


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Day 1-Moment- Riga, Latvia con't

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Actually it is day 2 and it is still raining in Riga. For those of you that are not aware, The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918 and is bordered by Estonia in the north, Russia to the east and Lithuania to the south and the Baltic Sea to the west. Riga is the capital of Latvia and the national insect is the two spotted ladybug. Now for the photographers showing at Moment.

Photographer Asa Johannesson from Sweden, google my site for her name and you will find more of her work from when we first met at ITS7 in Trieste last summer,

leva Epnere, Latvian photographer that showed her work this summer at Arles

Monika Pormale, photographer from Latvia. All of her subjects had never been in front of a camera before.

P1230931  P1230930
Monika Pormale in front of one of her photos and Ieva Epnere, Damien, Monka and Rudolf Bekic the set designer of Moments.

Portuguese accessory designer Valentim Manuel Estevao Quaresma


From the making of Mareunrol's film Detective that is in the ASVOFF program and is screened tonight at Moments. The designers behind the brand Mareunrol are Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops.

Rolands Peterkops of Mareunrol were very happy to have their film screened at the Jeu de Paume and beyond....


We all moved to a late dinner in a very cool Latvian resto.
Damien is sitting next to me. I love the electricity from the communist era.


The view from my window.

If you are in Latvia, I look forward to seeing you tonight at Moments. The program for the evening starts at 19h30 with Mareunrol's film by Kristine Kursisa followed by Future Shorts from Latvia, mini version of ASVOFF by yours truly followed by fashion shows by Ek Thongprasert, Liga Banga and Yuima Nakazako with music by VJ & Muzika at 21h30 Later, Diane

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Obama informational

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