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Friday, 31 October 2008

Jody Johnson reports from Obama land

Dear Shaded Viewers,

14) Round the clock TV cov..2) The T-Shirt Deli; every..8) Restaurant in Hyde Park6) Security in Obama's nei..3) Wicker Park Store

4) Wicker Park- Obama and ..13) More volunteers at hea..15) 7 Days left5) Obama's barbershop Hyde..
When you click the images you'll find the credits.

 Chicago is probably one of the best kept secrets in America!  The architecture, stores, restaurants, bars, music; everythig about this place is amazing. The day after I arrived I went to Hyde Park where Melissa, a neighbor of Obama's, gave me a tour. Zooming past his house, all the security around his neighborhood,his barbershop, favorite restaurant, etc.etc. (I hope the titles show up under the images)  Since then, I've been working at Obama headquarters everyday and the energy is unbelievable. Less than a week to go before the elections but the polls are leaning strongly in his favor!! More later.  I love this city.  Bisous from Chicago   Jody

1) Marc Jacobs11) Obama headquarters; pe..
12) Obama headquarters vol..10) Welcome to Illinois He..
More to come from Jody Johnson in Chicago,


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Unfortunately I was working and could not get away to see his infomercial. I haven't heard much if any comments from the media or anyone else either. Thanks for the post.

Posted by: Asahd Khalil | Nov 1, 2008 11:08:22 PM

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