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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Day 1-Moment- Riga, Latvia

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I will come back in a bit and give you a little geography lesson about Riga but for the moment a few images of the cultural event that includes fashion, photography, music and art. Those of you that have assisted at ASVOFF in Paris might have seen the flyer which featured an image from the film Detective, a film by Kristine Kursisa with and for Latvia's star brand, Mareunrol. The designers behind Mareunrol are also the curators for this event, The film will screen tonight at Moments before Future Shorts, ASVOFF (mini version) and fashion by Ek Thongprasert, Liga Banga, Yuima Nakazako, VJ & Music by Pacific from Sweden.


Marite Mastina, Valentim Quaresma, Rolands Peterkops and Yuima Nakazako, creator of the amazing shoes that you saw at FFI Showroom in Paris.
We checked into our hotel, it's raining in Riga, and Damien, our charming host, took us to the Art Space, location for Moment.I'll fill in more details later.

There were two shows tonight the first was by the Italian designer, Filippo Fanini, he showed at ITS.
Filippo Fanini,

Next the Triinu Punaits from Estonia showed.
Triinu Punaits from Estonia

Great VJ's through out the night.

Damien and the artists Keta Gutmane and Krists Zankovskis whose ateliers we will visit later today.

THree photographers showed their work, I was totally impressed by all of them and suggested that they submit their portfolios for the photographic competition at the festival d'Hyeres.

Asa Johannesson from Stockholm showed her transgender portraits, I met her and showed her work this summer when she presented at ITS7, you can google her on my site for more. Ieva Epnere from Latvia showed a series of circus performers that she had presented at Arles this summer and Monika Pormale went to the lost parts of Russia and photographed people that had never stepped in front of a camera before. These were her first images. 

To be continued.....I have to get dressed and will come back to you with photos and more of Moments day 1....


Ieva Epnere from Latvia is on the left, Damien and photographer Monika Pormale with Ruldof Bekic the set designer for the event.


 The designers behind Mareunrol are the curators of the event.....

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Soon or later I knew I was going to get caught tagging WODE all over the place...


Actually, nothing this exciting has yet happened. I was invited to a women's penitentiary here in Brazil as part of a government project aiming to provide prisoners with honest carrier opportunities through professional training. Not that I consider fashion a particularly honest field of work, but I guess at least it's legal.

So without hesitation I agreed to spend my last days here in Brazil locked up with a few thousand ladies—sharing sewing techniques I learned in Italy and at London College of Fashion. I wish they would allow me to take photos, but unfortunately it's strictly forbidden. Most of these ladies were condemned for drug related crimes, although there are a few murderesses in class. If you were to meet them, you wouldn't believe they'd be capable of the felonies they openly admit to have committed—they are so sweet. In fact this has been the most pleasant, disciplined, and well mannered group of students that I have ever come across.

Behind bars I have found the shadiest view on fashion—but also the brightest. A privilege I felt obliged to report concluding—for the time being—my exploits in Brazil.



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Ready 4 Riga

Antoine and I are waiting for our plane to Riga, Latvia, to screen mini-ASVOFF on October.

Of course it's late.

DianeReady 4 Riga

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Stern Graveur is temporarily at 115, blvd Richard Lenoir 75011 - the business continues

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I thought that my favorite printer was closed, it is not,  it has moved temporarily and also now has an e mail.


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Jean Pierre Blanc, founder of the festival d'Hyeres - DEADLINE for the fashion and photography competition for the 24th edition of the festival Hyeres 2009 is December 4, 2008

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today Antoine Asseraf and I met with the founder of the festival d'Hyeres to discuss the plan for Hyeres 2009. Very soon Antoine will put Hyeres 2008  on line on both ASVOF and the festival site

Jean Pierre B
Jean Pierre Blanc, founder of the festival d'Hyeres 

Photographers and Fashion Designers are encouraged to visit the official site of the Villa Noailles and click on the right hand side where it says Hyeres 2009, there you can download the requirements. Normally it is in English. HOwever I only see it in French. The important part is the Deadline - your dossier must be with the festival no later than December 4th. The jury meets to make the first selection of fashion designers on December 17th, after the preselection the actual jury for the festival this year will meet and make the final selection. The designers and photographers that have been chosen will be notified in January.

You can then download the pdf on requirements and other important information.

The 24th edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography takes place at the Villa Noailles, Hyeres /24-27 April. 

You can visit A Shaded VIew channel or Antoine Asseraf's site to see more of DPTV and the previous editions of the festival d'Hyeres

The festival is open, and welcomes, applications from all corners of the globe. 

See you there.



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Zoltar - Wunderland - post-Frieze/ pre-At-Basel, Miami

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Zoltar - Wunderland - close-up - lo_res1

Project zoltar, the art and design collective have been commissioned by iconographic sportswear colossus Nike with all new art works and an installation at the Georgian society to coincide with London’s frieze art  fair.. Nikes origins as the winged goddess of victory in Greek and roman mythology set the tone for a series of etchings and sculptures. Although the departure point was Alice in wonderland, Alice has become a less significant figure than the wonderland itself.


 “I met a traveler from an antique land who said: Two vast and trunk less legs of stone stand in the desert. Near them on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things, The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed. And on the pedestal these words appear: my name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Nothing beside remains: round the decay Have that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, The lone and level sands stretch far away.“

Zoltar - Wunderland - composite - lo_res2

The poet Shelley talks of an ancient civilisation, shrouded in mystery and enigma. Wunderland is this quasi-classical civilisation with its cult appeal and monuments to the great classics the airforce one, the air Jordan 4 and 5 and the air max90. These are the classics of project zoltars childhood , nostalgic and destined to survive the winds of time. Like the Corinthian column and the triumphal arch these cultural landmarks outlast their civilisation. With almost religious devotion the sculpted form of the sneaker becomes animal, human and an object of worship and adoration. This is wunderland a state of mind and a place that transcends time.

Zoltar - Wunderland - lo_res4

Inspired by the Georgian Joseph Gandy and his fantastical archectural fantasies, the romantic theme of the grand tour and of architectural surrealism of De Chirico and Max Ernst. As the fauna and flora overwhelm the temple of Nike , its relics live on somewhere between the subconscious and the fantastical , left for the futures archaeologists to decipher.

Zoltar - Wunderland - lo_res6



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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Ni-D Galerie Azzedine Alaia

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Shopping with Henrik Vibskov at MUE in Seoul

Dear Shaded Viewers,

As you know Henrik was in Seoul last week with his Tent City exhibition which he presented with Daily Projects and is now on route to Mexico. Before his show he went to visit MUE. I love the interior and exterior of this shop and, of course, everybody loves Henrik,Henrick2 .

Henrick men's fl closetNMUE___005

As Igor Guinau at ZOO Magazine says, it's pretty impressive to see Henrik Vibskov look so small.

Tiny henrik



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Eley Kishimoto The Old/New Testament After Party at Le Baron de Paris, Tokyo

Dear Shaded Viewers in Tokyo,

Shaded Viewers in Tokyo are invited but you must rsvp to so that Mark Eley can put you on the list..
Xmarks flyer


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UNHOLY MATRIMONY x BLACKBIRD / "Seasons Of Non" /site specific retail installation project OPENS!!!!!


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Unholy Matrimony and Blackbird are pleased to announce the opening of "Seasons Of Non", a site specific retail installation collaborative project.

"Seasons Of Non" is a four month collaborative installation project that was created using 100% found objects and materials.
The objects were found by walking throughout the maritime town of Ballard in Seattle Washington, once the materials were found, they the were then transported back by foot. The importance of walking and exploring in Ballard while gathering materials was too understand the feeling of the community, citizens and their way of life.

UNHOLY MATRIMONY would like to thank the town of Ballard, Blackbird and all the great people who live there and helped us in our exploration.

"Seasons Of Non" will be open from 10/25/08 - 2/28/09


2UMxBB#22 3UMxBB#25 blackbird

5410 22nd ave NW Seattle, WA 98107 (206)547 2524

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