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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kei Kagami-new shoe collection

Dear Shaded Viewers,
They are works of art but I've got to ask Kei if he's tested them out for walking..."Yes, you can walk in these shoes in the same way that you walk in a pair of normal platforms.THe basic structure of the shoe is the same. The actual pitch is not that steep, so it would be much easier than walking in a pair of Vivienne Westwood platforms. The sole has a 3.5 mm metal plate which is hidden in the leather sole and it is very strong. THe new shoe collection looks similar to the last one in the fact that there are no heels. HOwever there was a new challenge to design the bottom of the shoe. I enjoyed working on this collection." says Kei Kagami.




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Kei is the king....

Posted by: Aki Choklat | Aug 5, 2009 7:17:14 PM

So fantastic. I love love love these shoes. The second brown pair is my very favourite. So beautiful... I gasped when I saw them.

Posted by: Icy | Jul 31, 2009 12:52:27 AM

this is why i love women's shoes! there is so much thought that goes into the design process and i really appreciate that! plus they're so

Posted by: robert | Mar 30, 2009 6:40:53 AM

incredible incredible incredible...will trade art for shoes, or just buy a pair if they're available in NY...may just have to wait till I get to Paris..really inspired and beautiful..

Posted by: Tobie Giddio | Mar 29, 2009 3:33:21 PM

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