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Friday, 11 November 2011


Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Mark Eley

At London’s Whisper Gallery last night, Eley Kishimoto’s Mark Eley celebrated the opening of UNFAIR. This collaborative exhibition with Noki, Ben Eine and William Blanchard celebrates the UK’s passion for pop art. The presentation also explores the artists’ dissatisfaction with a “no-win” society dominated by media manipulation, political corruption and financial uncertainty.

UNFAIR  takes its name from Blanchard’s contribution, which subverts the traditional British funfair to reveal the cultural disillusionment that lies beneath the pageantry. His screen prints of funfair stall-style targets, in 34 different colour combinations, look Warholian when aligned.


Ben Eine, famous for East London’s “Alphabet Street” and his ironic “Smash and Grab” Anya Hindmarch display, worked with Eley on It Didn’t Work Out, seen here. For UNFAIR, Eine also applied his signature vibrant fonts to Shakespearean quotes from Macbeth, giving a superficially jubilant prints a sense of foreboding.

Mark also re-worked some of Noki’s pencil drawings. Noki references Sixties pop artist Allen Jones with his erotically-charged, detailed sketches of thumbs. With swollen digits, the playfully aggressive artist seems to thumb his nose at commodity fetishism.    

Regular Shaded viewers will be well acquainted with Mark’s beautiful prints for Eley Kishimoto. He says he sees products as canvases and aspires to “pattern the world” and “beautify the planet.” Eine and Noki send their message and help bring his goal a little closer.

UNFAIR is a two part exhibition at Whisper. Part 1 runs until 3 December. Part 2 will be presented in 2012.


Rachel Marie Walsh

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