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Tuesday, 15 May 2012



These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, but I just now had time to post. The past 3 weeks in Mexico City have been incredible as all my trips here have been, but very hectic. I just shot a new film on Friday, with an amazing crew. I am excited to start editing and hope to release it just after Cannes (as it features a very special friend who is starring in one of the most highly anticipated films at this year's festival). We also did an interview together today, which came out really well and hope to share with you all very soon.

I am finally settled, though it took me weeks and after all the topsy turvy, I have landed. Thank you to all here in D.F. who have helped me through and those of you who made these two great shoots happen, you know who you are. More to come soon.



To all the old friends and new, thank you.



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