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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Visiting Joue le jeu - Play along at the Gaîté Lyrique - Text by Valentin Jardinier--Almodovar


Joue le jeu - Play along is a gaming exhibition where interactive games act as an interface between the players and the architecture. Narratives and meaning are conveyed through the gameplay itself rather than just a story or the graphics. Don't go alone, but take someone to play along with you (preferably not a wet blanket). We were then in perfect company with the curator, Heather Kelley.

Kit opérette

Kit opérette (by Daily tous les jours and Krista Muir) is a light opera that follows the actions of a group of players through the many props that can be played with in the room. Diane seemingly changed the color of the room by playing with a prop umbrella, while Heather in a bird costume set the story of the play forward.

Trente pas

Trente pas entre terre et ciel (by Heather Kelley and Oscar Barda) is a challenging hopscotch for two. Heather took me hopping with her, and now this picture exists.

The selected game designers are resolutely working from within the digital culture in a way that isn't screen-dependent and favors a cooperative player over an individualizing one. Hopefully such forms of gaming will gain a lot of recognition. — Heather Kelley's interaction design studio.

Next spring, the Gaîté Lyrique in collaboration with Atopos will present the exhibition ARRRGH!!! - Monsters in fashion.




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Loved it and the memory of you playing hopscotch with the curator. xDiane

Posted by: DP | Jul 31, 2012 9:28:30 PM

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