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Friday, 31 August 2012

"CUT OUT" Glass Magazine

Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 09.57.32

Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 09.58.57

Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 10.22.35

CUT OUT is a little film I made for Glass. All outfits are made out of paper and based on collections from Balenciaga, Akris, Prada, Gucci, Marni, and YSL. Lovingly crafted by the wonderful art director Alun Davies.  Music by Daniel Murtha.

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Dear Diane, 

This past Friday marked the culmination of the summer concert series events, PLAY MOCA in Los Angeles, where the design team of Victoria Coaloa and Colin Sieburgh (coco) presented their installation, invertedLA. Collaborating with visual artists such as Benjamin Millepied and Emmett Malloy... 


coco is the recent collaboration child of colleagues Victoria Coaloa and Colin Sieburgh. The focus of their research is on temporary formal systems and structures that can adapt and change in reaction to different programmatic uses, as well as sites and spaces. Collaboration between multiple design fields is also a major focus of their research, allowing for disciplines to overlap. coco believes the blending of architecture, art, set design, performance, etc not only allows for a broader audience, but also has the potential to create new ways of approaching design.





















invertedLA is the temporary installation for PLAY MOCA 2012, curated by IAMSOUND and IO ECHO.

coco’s approach to this installation is all about play. Stringing into the desire to represent the cultural vitality of LA through the collision of artists, musicians and designers, our installation offers the play-ground in which these energies will jump and bounce. To create this effervescent environment, we have tossed a field of 400 giant balloons in the air, floating them above the crowds in a nebulous accumulation of bumps and blips. Animating this with projected light and imagery, the musicians and artists will create a unique immersive experience for each event.
The configuration of the balloons is molded by the hills and valleys that make up the crazy landscape that is LA. While reflecting the topography, this also begins to pocket certain spaces and inflate / expand others. Throughout the events, the balloons swaying above will continuously morph with the atmosphere and imagery in constant motion.
Tying together all the creative energy, these giant balloons are easily activated to become a dynamic force field of hanging light, sound and texture. A simple, familiar object is transformed into a playful, ephemeral experience.




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David Lynch - 'Pinky's Dream' featuring Karen O (Trentemøller remix)




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Thursday, 30 August 2012

VRAM Jewelry: It’s Not About the Color of the Box




If you think you need the likes of Gisele or Kate to qualify the purchase of undoubtedly the most significant piece of jewelry that you will own in your lifetime, you haven’t met the likes of Beverly Hills based, internationally renowned jewelry designer Vram Minassian, whose one of a kind pieces rely on a deep-rooted history, anchored by craftsmanship, detail and timelessness of style.

The designer recently unveiled his eponymous engagement ring collection, with a series of images created by the famed fashion illustrator Konstantin Kakanias. The result – a collaboration of cheeky paintings that playfully evoke the look of modern romance, that is undeniably a chancy approach when trying to show off the details and nature of a diamond. However, Kakanias manages to pull this off and give some comic relief to what can naturally be an unnerving process.

Once you step inside the world of Vram Minassian, you may realize that you have been going about buying fine jewelry all wrong. It’s not about the color of the box, it’s about honoring design traditions, pedigree, and creating pieces that evoke style and timelessness, all while paying tribute to the individual.

His flawless-grade, artfully crafted gemstones speak volumes, when peeking inside his by-appointment, penthouse atelier on LA’s posh Robertson Boulevard district. It’s like being a kid in a luxurious candy store, without the usual air of pretentiousness or intimidation associated with most high-end, fine jewelry brands. The salon is filled with art, fossils, geodes, and iron sculptures, with private seating environments and a sprawling patio overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

The stars are aligned for VRAM Jewelry, as Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Rashida Jones, Amanda Seyfried and Katy Perry, are all fans of his one of a kind, artisanal work.

Known best for his meticulous construction, Minassian insists that the setting of his rings “be as low and as tapered as possible. [...] If I create an engagement ring where the metal disappears and the diamond floats on the woman’s hand, then I’ve succeeded in my design."

Re-imagining the possibilities of mixing traditional techniques with modern sensibility, VRAM reflects a bespoke approach to construction, leaving a lasting impression on enthusiasts who seek modern interpretations of classic designs, rooted in the milieu of integrity, beauty and time-honored practices.

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The 13th edition of Circuit Off Film Festival opened yesterday night at the Monastery of San Nicolò, a place full of character that uses to be the building of the University of Human Rights.

Screenings were taking place outdoor in the cloister, surrounded by an installation by designer Arthur Duff. Here will be shown the ASVOFF selection made in collaboration with Centre Pompidou at 10 p.m. tonight.

The program last night included screenings of the Circuito off short-film competition 1 and a special film commisssionned for the Biennale of Architecture which officially opens today : Ruta by Cristian Manzutto.






Venice remains unique the way you move from one place to another with the vaporettos.


The hotel where we're staying is situated in the island of Certosa, an historical place which was used as a military basis under the Napoleonic period.

In the night dozens of little wild rabbits are jumping everywhere in the parc of the hotel.




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TONIGHT -ASVOFF goes to Venice Circuito Off in collaboration with Centre Pompidou 22h

XIII Circuito Off   art a part of cult ure



"13TH CIRCUITO OFF FESTIVAL WILL TAKE PLACE FROM AUGUST 29TH TO SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2012 cThu August 30 - Fashion in Motion 22.00 ASVOFF – A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival Curated in collaboration with Centre Pompidou, Paris"



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Exposition "Etat de Veille", vernissage samedi 8 septembre 2012

Etat de veille

La galerie Jousse Entreprise / Art Contemporain sera exceptionnellement fermée du 26 septembre au 3 octobre 2012.


Galerie Jousse Entreprise / Art Contemporain 6, rue Saint-Claude - 75003 paris  

tel + 33 1 53 82 10 18 - fax + 33 1 53 82 13 63 site :

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ANTM and Goth Glamour James Tuttle on Pure Film Creative

Goth Girls and Vampire Brides  Fall 2012 s Dark Glamour   Pure Film Creative

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hello Diane and Shaded Viewers // 

Yesterday marked my second day in Stockholm, for their fifth edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We saw presentations on a boat, in a night-lit skate park, in the beautiful Berns Salonger and lastly in the Fashion Week pavilion erected in the center of the Kungstradgareden. Below are a series of highlights:

// Dagmar // 

Since 2005 three sisters have designed the brand named after their beloved grandmother, Dagmar. For this season the sisters play with dynamic contradictions, such as organic shapes with technical fabrics or details. The color scape is something of a dusty sunset meets the settling waters. Highlights for me were the cropped rounded intarsia knits and the vivid print details, especially when paired together. 

_1KL8665_0 _1KL8449_0 _1KL8223_0

//Josefina Larsson // 

This is Larsson's first official show, under her name, after graduating from Beckman's College of Design and Central Saint Martins' MA program. As the rumor goes, her graduating collection garnered a bit of attention as a variation of her jacket found itself on a Chanel runway, none-the-less her front row was filled with every major regional editor. For spring Larsson sites Man Ray as inspiration and the mundane and the extravagant as muse. With all this said, I found her fin-like details on many of the jacket hems quite nice, as well as her grid-like shirtdress and her play on lacing through out. 

_1KL0249 _1KL0301 _1KL0166

// Diana Orving // 

After a brief absence from the runway, Orving is back. The designer who started making one-off pieces at the age of 15, officially launched her namesake label in 2007. This season was inspired by 'Flowing Origami', by way of folding or reshaping the classic rectangle. Often styled to reveal a hidden pocket or placing a strap to give a greater dimension. Or placing the rectangle in an unconventional manner giving an alternative mass. I also enjoyed her painted effect on both the long crepe dresses and on the silk seperates.  

_1KL1648_0 _1KL1398 _1KL1661

Check out my Impressions on VOGUE Italia (.IT) and select show reviews on Rodeo Magazine (.NET)  

And tomorrow Day 003 on ASHADEDVIEW. 

- Kristopher Arden-Houser 




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ASVOFF in Venice at Circuito Off in collaboration with Centre Pompidou - August 30th at 22h San Nicolo Monastery - Venice Lido

ASVOFF in Venice   Vogue

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