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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

DIEM: Design Intersects Everything Made


On October 5th, 2012 something important happened in Los Angeles. Leaders of the design industries, 
such as Erin Feher (California Home + Design,) Beth Dunlop (Modern Magazine,) Mina Marefat (PhD, AIA,) 
Frances Anderton (host of DnA: KCRW 89.9,) Shana Nys Dambrot (Art Critic, contributor to Artbound,) and Nicole 
Guarascio (West Coast Trend Director of Stylesight,) participated in the DIEM - Design Intersects Everything Made 
event, presented by The Avenues: Art, Fashion, & Design District, West Hollywood.

Los Angeles is on the cusp of a cultural renaissance. California Home+Design sat down with some of the city's most 
influential players, from an architect who's turning parking lots into parks, to fashion's freshest face, to a multidisciplinary
designer who sees no borders between art, design and the everyday experience. This conversation promised a critical 
examination of a new design movement— one that is furiously gaining momentum and is poised to take this city by storm. 

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Catherine Baba capsule collection for Nouvelle Affaire Photos by : Ari Versluis



Compo 01
Compo 02 new version

All photos by: Ari Versluis

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BARBIE Louise Gray - PUNK



Side left2LowRes
Dear Shaded Viewers,

I'm still missing my super Barbie with the camera in her torso that I left for two seconds after the Louise Gray show when I was having a chat at Sommerset House and someone walked off with it. Well, here is the new one-off Barbie by Louise Gray. 

Louise  has styled Barbie exactly the same as she styled her show, complete with the backcombed hair look Sam McKnight created, Jame's O'Reily's striking make-up for M.A.C featuring those Basquiat-inspired crown eyebrows, Tatty Devine with Louise Gray earrings, and even the tights that were shown with it... the adult clothing forms part of her main collection and goes into stores early next year, so you too can buy this 3D devoré print dress featuring a plethora of Barbie® logos that have been chopped and screwed into an anarchic monochrome graphic!

Louise's interpretation of the brand brings out Barbie's rebellious streak!  Louise Gray says: “It was fun to replicate a runway look in Barbie size.  I wanted her to have everything from the catwalk including the hair and makeup as well as all the detailing of the dress for a full look.”  



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Tel Aviv Fashion -- From the Master to her Prodigies


Day two in Tel Aviv began by being introduced to a woman who is known not only as a local design legend and commercial powerhouse but also as a generous mentor to the younger generation.   Dorin Frankfurt told us that she designs neither with age nor time in mind.  And sure enough, a quick scan through her archives -- which date back to the 1970s and include several fun Eurovision contest costume designs -- proved just that.  With her approach in mind, it doesn't seem relevant to mention which season these two collection images come from...


Dorin Frankfurt, timeless collections from past seasons

In a dedicated yoga room where Dorin's staff can get away from the relentless buzz of sewing machines for a session of peace and tranquility, we were whisked inside to meet the up-and-coming names of the Israeli fashion scene.  The accessories designers were particularly strong but there were more than a few gems to be harvested and some diamonds in the rough.

  FireShot Screen Capture #036 - 'Coffee – Diner - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_coffee-diner_html

FireShot Screen Capture #043 - 'Banana - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_banana_html

FireShot Screen Capture #039 - 'Shark - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_shark_html

FireShot Screen Capture #042 - 'Blow - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_blow_html
Kobi Levi
(all 4 above)

Chief among them was a young cobbler named Kobi Levi whose madcap designs have found their way onto the feet of Lady Gaga (not surprisingly) and (much more surprisingly) Whoopi Goldberg -- whom Levi says "has a serious shoe fetish, believe it or not."  In alarmingly cheeky styles that he has baptized 'chewing gum', 'cheerleader', 'rooster' and 'blond ambition', the young artist may be lacking in subtle poetry but he certainly knows how to make an impact.  And perhaps more importantly, how to take the pretentious sting out of fashion with a dousing of pure comedy.  In case it's not already blindlingly obvious, above are his 'coffee diner', 'banana', 'shark' and 'blow' models. 

FireShot Screen Capture #040 - 'Gallery I Bags' - www_me-dusa_com_Gallery_Default_aspx_p=7&parent=4

FireShot Screen Capture #044 - 'ARAMA' - www_so-arama_com_#856

Other stand out names included Me-dusa by Gili Rozin & Adi Ga and the Muslin Brothers, a trio made up of Nadav, Yaen & Tamar -- one of whom is most definitely not a brother in the biological sense at least.  Their strain of brotherhood seems to be more about the buoyant energy that emanates among and from them as a collective.  Honourable mentions among the group included Arama by Oded Arama and Adam Gefen.  Later, Robb Young

Adam Gefen

Nadav, Yaen & Tamar of the Muslin Brothers



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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Headquarters today - ASVOFF 5 preparations



Arnaud Bombelli
Arnaud Bombelli

Dear Shaded Viewers,

A new member to the ASVOFF team entered Headquarters today. He's on the phone with Jason Last sorting out a meeting to help him with ASVOFF 5 assemblage.

NAisling COnnell
Aisling Connell leaving Headquarters, job well done.



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Alexander McQueen opens first menswear store on Savile Row, London



Kristen McMenamy, Sarah Burton & Dominic Cooper
Kristen McMenamy, Sarah Burton & Dominic Cooper

Allen Leech & Jack Guinness
Allen Leech & Jack Guinness

Ed MacFarlane - Friendly Fires
Ed MacFarlane - Friendly Fires

Tony ward
tony ward

Darwin Shaw
Darwin Shaw


The first Alexander McQueen  menswear shop has opened and it is interesting to think that McQueen served as an apprentice for tailors Anderson & Sheppard

Sarah Burton conceived the space based on the codes of the house. 

9 Savile Row is designed by David Collins






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"A Full Moon" -- Coco Rocha by Ellen von Unwerth for Vs. Magazine





Vs. Magazine presents a Halloween fashion film by Ellen von Unwerth featuring model super star Coco Rocha dressed in spider web, leopard and leather!





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Marie Aucouturier on ASVOFF 5 at Centre Pompidou in the November issue of BeauxArts Magazine



Nn-beaux arts

DP photo by Olimpia Soheve


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Mariage Freres, Chapon FW12 collection...when Fine Food meets Fashion by Sophie TREM

 Dear Diane, Dear Shaded viewers,

Have you noticed these days everything we use is kind of mixed-up and following trends?
Even products we would never have though before are following the same fashion rules : there is a seaon for everything.
We can call it marketing ,but still we have to note our consumption mode is heading to a new direction.
The common point between Fine Food and Fashion is this eternal quest for pleasure, so we can clearly see these brands in both areas have a similar goal:  creating temptation permanently .

For this FW collection , the notorious french house tea Mariage Freres is presenting a whole range of color- blocks design with new "frangances"

New Bel Ami tea inspired by romantic Paris and Maupassant
Teapots color-blocks accessories
Collection Heritage Gourmand

As for french Chapon chocolate house : print is everywhere! from the fine wooden lacquered box to the delicate pralines all over.
Special mention for the silk print scarf to propose with the very same printed chocolate!


Opale box of printed pralines

Precious lacquered printed box

Who knows, maybe one day there will be a Fine Food Fashion Week after all? :))

Take care ,


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