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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tel Aviv Fashion -- From the Master to her Prodigies


Day two in Tel Aviv began by being introduced to a woman who is known not only as a local design legend and commercial powerhouse but also as a generous mentor to the younger generation.   Dorin Frankfurt told us that she designs neither with age nor time in mind.  And sure enough, a quick scan through her archives -- which date back to the 1970s and include several fun Eurovision contest costume designs -- proved just that.  With her approach in mind, it doesn't seem relevant to mention which season these two collection images come from...


Dorin Frankfurt, timeless collections from past seasons

In a dedicated yoga room where Dorin's staff can get away from the relentless buzz of sewing machines for a session of peace and tranquility, we were whisked inside to meet the up-and-coming names of the Israeli fashion scene.  The accessories designers were particularly strong but there were more than a few gems to be harvested and some diamonds in the rough.

  FireShot Screen Capture #036 - 'Coffee – Diner - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_coffee-diner_html

FireShot Screen Capture #043 - 'Banana - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_banana_html

FireShot Screen Capture #039 - 'Shark - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_shark_html

FireShot Screen Capture #042 - 'Blow - footwear' - kobilevidesign_com_index_php_footwear_blow_html
Kobi Levi
(all 4 above)

Chief among them was a young cobbler named Kobi Levi whose madcap designs have found their way onto the feet of Lady Gaga (not surprisingly) and (much more surprisingly) Whoopi Goldberg -- whom Levi says "has a serious shoe fetish, believe it or not."  In alarmingly cheeky styles that he has baptized 'chewing gum', 'cheerleader', 'rooster' and 'blond ambition', the young artist may be lacking in subtle poetry but he certainly knows how to make an impact.  And perhaps more importantly, how to take the pretentious sting out of fashion with a dousing of pure comedy.  In case it's not already blindlingly obvious, above are his 'coffee diner', 'banana', 'shark' and 'blow' models. 

FireShot Screen Capture #040 - 'Gallery I Bags' - www_me-dusa_com_Gallery_Default_aspx_p=7&parent=4

FireShot Screen Capture #044 - 'ARAMA' - www_so-arama_com_#856

Other stand out names included Me-dusa by Gili Rozin & Adi Ga and the Muslin Brothers, a trio made up of Nadav, Yaen & Tamar -- one of whom is most definitely not a brother in the biological sense at least.  Their strain of brotherhood seems to be more about the buoyant energy that emanates among and from them as a collective.  Honourable mentions among the group included Arama by Oded Arama and Adam Gefen.  Later, Robb Young

Adam Gefen

Nadav, Yaen & Tamar of the Muslin Brothers



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This is exactly what fashion is all about. The every-changing industry that holds all of creativity and imagination together is what brings us these wonderful pieces time and time again. Thanks for these pictures.

Posted by: onesies for adults australia | Nov 13, 2012 10:17:04 AM

Thank you ,I am deeply honored

Posted by: Dorin Frankfurt | Oct 31, 2012 2:10:02 PM

That was fun, enjoying your intense Tel Aviv experience. xxx

Posted by: DP | Oct 31, 2012 7:38:53 AM

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