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Friday, 30 November 2012

ASVOFF in Blended.Fr



LES 10 FILMS DE MODE INCONTOURNABLES   blended – le dernier oeil copy

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Lucky Bitches


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Ale 4

The book launch for "An Italian Theory 10 x 10" is tomorrow, 1st December 2012, from 6 to 9 pm, in Bari at the concept store I Cinque Fiori the book is by Alessandro Enriquez about Epicureanism and the art of table setting (featuring interviews with renowned personas of fashion, design and art scene asOrnella VanoniMargherita Maccapani MissoniAnna Dello RussoArnaldo PomodoroEnnio CapasaAlbino,Fabio Novembre and others). 

Ale 1
The installation curated by Alessandro Enriquez
The event will include an Epicurean installation curated by the author with the traditional pralines by Antonio Maria Arbues, embodied in the precious Grottaglie Fasano vases that will be served with the Santi Dimitri wine. 
Ale 2
An Italian Theory 10 × 10 by Alessandro Enriquez

Epicureanism and fashion along with the colored suggestions by Leitmotiv (brand created by Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso) that will showcase its new creations. A not to be missed happening to enjoy Epicureanism and fashion.  
Ale 5
Alessandro Enriquez

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Otelo Burning Trailer


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Fred Perry celebrates 60 years

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,


In August 1952, the then UK tennisplayer Fred Perry launched his sportswear collection, today Fred Perry is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

To mark the occasion they commisioned a series of six documentaries by Grammy award-winning filmmaker Don Letts, charting six decades of subculture in which the Fred Perry shirt has been ever present at the forefront of street style, which was presented yesterday evening in a warehouse club in Antwerp.

The series explores the world of British subcultures and the music, styles and attitudes that surround them, with a great visual and musical overview from Teds to Rockers, Mods to Skinheads, Soul Boys to Punks, and Rave to Britpop. Unfortunately I could not upload the docu here, but you can discover The Don Letts Subculture films - Made in Englad via

The brand has also compiled a list of 60 influential figures in fashion, music and sports whom they sent an original 1952 Fred Perry shirt and asked to personalise the shirt with a birthday message or full-blown customisation. More on that soon.

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DP NVU on BONE - Turkey


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The Reality Show #4 Launch - Text and Images by Eugene Rabkin

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I attended the launch of issue 4 of The Reality Show magazine. The magazine is the brainchild of Tiffany Godoy, a fashion writer who splits her time between Paris and Tokyo (the magazine is printed in both English and Japanese). The first three issues of this large format publication concentrated on clothes, but this one focused on makeup - its tagline is "Beauty is the New Fashion."

The magazine consists of several booklets of beauty editorials, all of which (including the case the magazine comes in) unfold and can be used as posters. This is a fun idea harking back to the days when kids ripped out magazine pages and put them on the wall. How cute we all were before Pinterest!

All the editorials in the magazine were shot in New York and Godoy said that she wants to do more work here. A particularly impressive one was a black and green warrior-paint makeup on Valeria Dmitrienko. I thought about how awesome it would be to see someone on the street in makeup like that.

But the hidden gem in the heavily visual magazine was the short interview with its host, Tim Blanks. Did you know that as a teenager Mr. Blanks used to ride a motorcycle around New Zealand in Ziggy Stardust makeup? Hats off, sir!








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Dall'Ava "Pieces"



13 Brick bracelet S WS D Anneau Onix Maison
Dear Shaded Viewers,

Dall'Ava's 'Pieces' are anti-static, a juxtaposition between intricate and fluid. Each piece takes 4 days to hand construct and is made combining precious stones and metals worked by italian masters with titanium manufactured in London's aerospace and formula one engineering firm. French creator Cristelle Dall'Ava translates the elements used in architectural engineering into jewellery.  

3 Planisphere Br D 3Mv
Br Colonne Or
Titane 3 Bleus




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Silvia Bombardini on ASVOFF 5 at Centre Pompidou


Tache Pink by Sayoko Paris and Stephane S 2

Silvia Bombardini in Tache Pink wearing Ferre coat


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Silvia Bombardini, currently a film student in Bristol was my intern for 6 months and came back this year as a spectator and also was starring in a film Tache Pink by Sayoko Paris and Stef Spillman.



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Claude Montana chooses Auntie Mame for his carte blanche at ASVOFF 5 Centre Pompidou


Dear Shaded Viewers,

To celebrate ASVOFF 5 we asked Claude Montana to choose his favorite fashion film from all times.



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