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Monday, 26 November 2012

My visit to the Transformance Center in New York. By Glenn Belverio

The Guru is IN. Sameer Reddy aka Samir at his Transformance Center

Dear Shaded Viewers,

When my friend Sameer invited me to his "Transformance Center" for a healing session, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, if not also open-minded. After all, I happen to believe that Chinese dragons, through my feng-shui-ed invitation, fly through my apartment, out my bedroom window and through the wide-open space between my street and east 4th street, before they make their way over to the East River and down to the sea on a regular basis. So why shouldn't I believe some crystals could heal me of a few of the things that I stoicly try not to kvetch about?

When Sameer is conducting a personal appointment at the Center--which includes a series of questions, the choice of a Tarot card or I Ching reading, and a healing session--he's not exactly himself, but a character named "Samir." This is one of the ways that he's merged mystical practices with his admiration of performance art and other contemporary art forms.

He explains it thusly:

"The basic idea for the Center is to create a simulacrum of a 'real' metaphysical healing center (by nature, a metaphysical healing center problematizes our concept of the 'real'). the space is physically designed around strict feng shui bagua principles, which have been adapted to incorporate art historical references - there's a recreation of a Felix Gonzalez-Torres piece, as well as artwork incorporated from the artists who i consider to be the spiritual influences behind my practice, and this project in particular (jenny holzer, felix gonzalez-torres, cindy sherman, AA bronson, marina ambramovic, barbara kruger). 

I was affected by their respective engagements with the themes of social justice, the mutability of identity and the role of performance in catalyzing a deeply personal effect on the audience.  The Artforum issue in the South corner of the room has Dara Birnbaum's seminal Technology Transformation: Wonder Woman on the cover… the first piece of video art that i remember encountering, and one that deals with the idea of transformation using a pop culture mythological figure that represents the divine feminine."


One of Sameer's pieces featuring Samir as Shiva!

It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine
2010, archival digital print


 And this is where my healing took place! The lights are inspired by a piece by Felix Gonzales-Torres. I definitely "went somewhere else" during the session, in which Samir placed crystals on various chakra points of my body, including my third eye, and lightly touched them. The healing process is based on Reiki healing principles. I definitely felt a lot of heat leaving my body and Sameer told me later that the room became unusually hot. But the best part was the supernatural moment when the candle in the room flared up! And Sameer said it stayed that way throughout the session. My eyes were closed (and covered with a lavender-and-orange-scented pillow) and I was in a state of half-sleep where I saw things like baby dragons curled up in fetal positions and ancient stone walls covered with inscriptions. (I'm serious!) I also had a high energy level the next day.

A few times my hands, arms, and forehead were twitching, as if some kind of force was being released from my body. Before the session I was complaining of stomach problems and mild insomnia; after the session my stomach pains had vanished and later that night I slept like a log! (I'm serious!)




 Before the healing session, Samir read my Tarot and this card, the 5 Pentacles, came up. It had something to do with my conflict of working in the commercial world of advertising (represented by the "church of money" pictured on the card) and my more authentic (low-paying) creative impulses....that would leave me out in the cold and crippled? Well, I can't remember exactly now and anyway, the results of the Tarot reading should be private!


 This is the candle that flared up!




 The crystals that were used during my healing session.


Money For Nothing

2010, archival digital print


For further information and to book a session, you can visit or email Sameer at

Thanks for reading.


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Wild if I make it to NYC I will for sure try this out myself. xxxx

Posted by: DP | Nov 26, 2012 5:06:10 PM

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