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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

080 Barcelona Fashion City 2013 - by Silvia Bombardini


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

Earlier today I landed in Barcelona, a flattered guest of the 080 Barcelona Fashion latest edition. Coming from a West England palette, the capital of Catalonia appears almost vainly bright. Warm, exotic and windy, it's much ampler than you thought and covered in palm trees: at sunset, it exudes a flushed pink glow, like skin after too many hours musing under the sun.


Today was my first time here, and thanks to an early flight I had the chance to walk around a bit, from the Arc de Triomf to La Rambla, and the Sagrada Familia is a thing of beauty. It would remind of an immense castle of sand, delicate and valiant, all magic and soft edges.

The shows venue for this week will be the Disseny Hub Barcelona building, located in Glòries Square, just next to the Jean Nouvel’s Agbar tower. Tonight, it gleamed in candle light as Mango's show officially opened the event.


Milky shades and hemless cuts, luscious liquid fabrics for ever hotter days. The finale saw the models lead off the dance by a white clothed orchestra on a Tina Turner cover. A video of this moment will be updated shortly, when wifi allows. After, a cocktail party followed, and rumor has it Paris Hilton was there. Apparently to have admire her Spanish boyfriend, model River Viiperi, in Mango's new season (and they say I'm not up to date).





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Looking forward for your posts from Barcelona xxx

Posted by: akiko | Jan 29, 2013 10:28:41 AM

Love reading your impressions of Barcelona. xxx

Posted by: DP | Jan 29, 2013 8:19:35 AM

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