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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Shaded View On Perfume Fiction. Text by Christos

OUD 27 no watermark

Oud 27 by Le Labo (Perfumer: Vincent Schaller)


Notes: Agarwood, cedar atlas, incense, patchouli, black pepper, saffron, gaïac


Pushing the sprayer on a perfume bottle for the first time is quite like pulling the trigger: soon you will know whether it is a hit or a miss. This bottle had more things in common to a hunt than just the pulling of the trigger. As it hit the skin a warm smell of living rot, almost swampy, filled the air. An almost threatening smell. It felt like I was hiding in the bushes and I had accidentally attracted the attention of a wild beast. I could see the black, shiny fur describing vaguely the outline of the beast trying to decipher its shape. Suddenly the head turned to me and yellow feverish eyes burned through the still blackness. I could smell the deep rhythmic breath of the animal as it was gathering air and energy to attack. The hot, humid breath, filled with all that life is, both pleasant and appalling, but most of all warm and real. Equal measures of attraction and aversion, the essence of danger. As the beast started to move towards me I could hear the branches break incapable to resist the brute force. Its paws crushing fresh leaves and stepping on rotting ones, mixing sweet and acrid smells. And just as I felt that it was too close for comfort, that this would be either the end of me of the time to fleet, the majestic beast walked up to me and cuddled next to me in an unexpected turn of events. Warm fur scented with herbs and foliage enveloped me and offered me security and comfort. A warm, familiar scent was the reward for my courage and facing the beast. The hug of the beast offered the security of a huge hollow in tropical tree. Warm, humid, secure.

Oud 27 is a scent larger than life and quite descriptive of it. It takes guts to face the opening as it has nothing that reminds you of a perfume. It smells of raw materials, both vegetal and animalic, haphazardly thrown together without any respect to balance or composition. It teaches a great lesson however: true perfume is not meant to be experienced only for and judged within the first few minutes. Perfume is a living organism that is brought to life by the warmth of the skin, lives and eventually dies on it. If in order to ensure a glorious life an explosive birth is required so be it. It is the wearer who has to adapt to the perfume because after all wearing perfume is a ritual and a journey.


Text by Christos

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A Great and most of all "complete" review! I want to try it now!

Posted by: Nikos Papitsis | Feb 15, 2013 1:32:43 PM

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