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Sunday, 03 February 2013


Raffaella Curiel

One day of trunk-shows in Rome, fashion shows and exhibitions with a focus on tradition, art and craftsmanship. The day started with press conference with renowned couturier Raffaella Curiel which was held in the suggestive rooms of Hotel Inghilterra, successful chance to appreciate the couturier’s sharpness and irony as well as the craftsmanship embodied in the Spring/Summer 2013 collection she made.

Curiel 9
Raffaella Curiel talking about lightness and femininity and elegance which is all about self-confidence

Later I has been at the National Arts and Folk Traditions Museum (Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari), place where followed an exhibition I announced time ago on my blog, “La seduzione dell’ artigianato”, curated by Bonizza Giordani Aragno(

Seduzione 1
Looking at that you can see the name of Valentino has deleted instead the name of Versace is still there, but...

I discovered due to this circumstance the exhibition has been set up without the collaboration of fashion houses (as it usually happens and it should happen) and therefore as it has evidenced by the flyer there is at the entrance of Museum, brands like Valentino and Versace, pretended the delete of their names. Being the exhibition set up with the clothes of private collectors it has also deleted the thanks to the fashion houses.

Seduzione 2 the end it has also deleted, along with the thanks

I discovered that as that has been the set of Gattinoni fashion show, brand designed by Guillermo Mariotto who has the merit of making concrete by using a hilarious aesthetics suggestions coming from contemporary times and political framework, successfully evoking a kind of luxury breakfast at Arcore( renowned Berlusconi's residency and set of burlesque parties).

Later I moved to the area of Campo dei Fiori to visit A.I. Fair Future, a showcase of high-end craftsmanship and art at the Howtan Space. When I crossed Piazza Farnese to go to the event I was pleased to see a peaceful public protest organized by the Mario Mieli Association to claim the right of the same sec couple to get married.

Ending 4

Not being a great fan of marriage as I prefer the freedom of loving without being obliged, I think “it doesn’t bind a dream with a contract” as Domenico Modugno sang in “L’ Anniversario” the track, censured in Italy during the Seventies which became later the soundtrack for the recognition of rights to the couples of people who aren’t married beyond their gender. I am proud of having attended the public protests concerning this issue during the last years to get more rights, as freedom is a goal for every individual and is the evidence of a democratic and liberal society.



I appreciated at the Howtan Space the creations of many brands and couturiers and their grotesque interpretations on paper made by the brilliant artist Vincenzo Montini.

Endings 11 antica manifattura cappelli
Antica Manifattura cappelli

Endings 11
Vincenzo Montini

Endings 8

Endings 12
Going to the Hadrian's Temple

Then I visited the Hadrian’s Temple for the exhibition Limited/Unlimited, (organized by Altaroma in collaboration with many celebrated brands), featuring limited editions inspired by the theme of red carpet. That has been the chance to see friends I didn’t see since a long time,see again others and meet Goga Ashkenazi, the charming woman who owns the fashion house Vionnet.

Endings 13
Delfina Delettrez who is the first one I saw at the Hadrian's Temple

Sylvio giardina
Sylvio Giardina

Endings 14 gucci

Elena radoninich courtesy angelos bratis
The actress Elena Radoninich in Angelos Bratis at the Hadrian's Temple

Angelos 3
Angelos Bratis

Endings 37 andrea sergio

Andrea Splisgar and Sergio Zambon

Galitzine by Sergio Zambon

Endings 30 valentino haute couture

Valentino Haute Couture

Marco de vincenzo
Marco de Vincenzo




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