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Monday, 04 February 2013

New Single & Video by Woodkid I LOVE YOU



I'm proud to say the illustration and logo for ASVOFF/ASVOF was done by Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid. He is good at absolutely everything, well, I don't know if he cooks too but he sings, directs, illustrates, shoots..

I attended his concert at the REX in Paris and the crowds went wild, I loved it because I could remember sitting in his living room not long after he came up with the name WOODKID and listening to him sing, early early WOODKID.

 "When I started playing my own music, I wanted it to be as tall as a skyscraper," he says. "Images can achieve that. A really big orchestra can also achieve that." Woodkid

Run Boy Run is epic – the kind of thing you can imagine soundtracking a spectacular battle scene between Earthlings and blue aliens. The Shore would be perfect for that part of the movie where the blue creatures all emerge sadder but wiser from the battle. Falling is the one where the Earthlings' spacecraft breaches the black hole, and the Other Side would suit the closing credits. The title track's melody recalls Randy Crawford's One Day I'll Fly Away – the chords, not the topline melody, lawyers out there. In fact, the arrangements are better than the songs, if that makes any sense, and they are sustained majestically (and mournfully) over the album's 48 minutes. Another 48 and he's got enough for that film about blue aliens.

The buzz"Unique sounding and powerful album." 

The truth: He's the only – and therefore unarguably best – video-director-turned-pop-composer ever.  
Most likely to: Fill a movie's sonic space.     

Least likely to: Breach a black hole.       

What to buy: The Golden Age is released by Island in March. 

File next to: Antony Hegarty, Globus, Les Friction, Peter Skellern. written by Paul Lester the Guardian


Asvoff.MT jpg
The red was added by Marcus Tomlinson 



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