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Friday, 31 May 2013

Julie Salmon: the memories of an animalistic painter text and photos by David Melgarejo Vicente


Dear Shaded Viewers,

There is a special relationship between the two characters in this photo; between the painter and the boy in the picture. She is the Hungarian-born artist Julie Salmon. He is a child of Senegal riding a white horse. Three years ago this boy crossed in the way of the artist and remained in her memory forever. As result of this encounter Salmon made this picture. And now she is exhibiting it, at Kube Nine gallery in Paris. There are also more than thirty paintings and etchings with the same theme: the animals and Africa.

The African continent is where all the fetish animals for Julie Salmon: elephants, lions, zebras or hyenas, come from. This now retired doctor  defined herself as animalistic painter. Most of the works were made in the past three years. During this time she has developed her painting technique and has found a way to capture the beasts while highlighting their beauty.

The exhibition 'Beauty and the Beast' will be at Nine Kube 'Les Ecuries' Gallery in Paris from 30 May to 21 July


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