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Thursday, 09 May 2013

Save the Koala Month K-Day Sept 14th, No tree, No me...Do your bit, we don't want them to disappear...



Adopt one, plant some trees, hold a fund raising event  or just donate...


"A few weeks ago a bulldozer driver rang me and cautiously warned me that things in some forestry practices are not going well. Over the weeks that we have spoken he has told me that many koalas are being injured when blue gum plantations are being felled. Ironically, or not so ironically this is happening in the States where the Koala is not protected by our federal laws and they have open slather on how they can manage those plantations. That will not be allowed under our new Koala Protection Act and I can already hear the forestry industry bleating for “fairness”. Our legislation will have fairness and that will be to the forests and the animals that inhabit them. I also know too, that if I was running those forestry companies that our legislation would not affect their economic return and it is time that that arrogance of certainty is removed from their rhetoric.  

If the man is telling me the truth, one female with a joey fell from the tree and had a broken back. If this is true, then I can guarantee you that those responsible will be called to account. When the Koala Protection Act is tabled in our Parliaments, another Senate Inquiry will be needed and they will be called in to explain their behaviour. There is a growing strength in me that can only come, I think, from hearing and seeing so many dreadful things. Perhaps it takes a lifetime to resolve even one problem on this complicated planet and all I know is that my life’s work is to get a Koala Protection Act and nothing will stop me. I am starting to become more and more content with that because, as with all things, when one piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits into place, then others follow more easily. " Deborah's Diary

Cup koala



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So cute!

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