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SOKO The Interview by Aradna Sharma Photos by Benni Valsson, Michael Daks

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Recently I had  a chance to watch newly released feature film Augustine by debut director Alice Winocour.  Singer, songwriter and actress Soko plays the part of Augustine.  After watching the movie, I had a chance to conduct a fun interview with her electronically. Here is Soko in her own words:


What Kind of research did you have to do for this  historical drama of 1800”s before shooting the movie?

I didn't have to do any research because the director FORBID me to.. she said that my character has no idea what's happening to her, so she wanted me to feel the same sort of confusion, and not get lost into some boring historical facts when all she wanted to talk about was love.

How demanding was it for you physically and mentally? 

I had no life before and during the film.. I was so involved in it with my entire being.. only thinking about Augustine, having dreams of her, where she was talking to me.. it was the first time that I got to play a character that really existed and it was all the more exciting. The more challenged I get, the more exciting it gets..I had the feeling of having given it all every night when I came back home covered in bruises and too tired to even talk. and it felt very satisfying.  We were always joking calling Augustine a "mute" on a the film because everything that's going on is all in her head, and that's what Alice Winocour wanted to film : what was in my head. and then, I turned out after 2 months of shooting, to be totally incapable of expressing my feelings in my real life.. I would faint and cry when I wanted to get out of any situations.. I couldn't just express that I was uncomfortable with I guess I was fully swollen by the role, physically AND mentally..



How was it working with Vincent Lindon? And with the director Alice Winocour?

Alice is such an incredible director.. I know it sounds so cliché and made up for promo purpose only, but I really had one of the best experience of my life doing this film.

Alice is so caring, such a great present precise director.. she would NEVER let you be bad, or  average.. she was really good at supporting me and pushing me so hard because till we get what we had both imagined Augustine would be like.. I was ready to give her EVERYTHING blindly..And Vincent was a dream.. he's a real Pygmalion.. very generous with young actors.. giving a lot of advice always and very reassuring.



Would you call this movie a feminist fable?

HA ! YES ! that was a given already when you read the script..Alice just has a talent to portray women in a strong, beautiful, powerful way.

MichaelDaks14 copy1

How would you describe your fashion style?

Wednesday Addams meet Beetlejuice meet Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris and Jack White at a Tea Party.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

 Movie Junky, write poetry, listen to music loud, play music loud, go on road trips, play with cats, swim, dance, hike, eat vegan food, cuddle, have sex, kiss, love, sleep, dream.

Who is your hollywood celebrity crush and why?

Asia Argento. coz she's my wife.

How would someone get your special attention?

By having the best music taste and making delicious vegan food and dancing freely and looking like a   great lover.

What is your biggest fear?


What would be your one super power?

Flying.. and being able to communicate with the deads..

What is your most annoying habit?

I crack my jaw ALL THE TIME.. it's disgusting.. my brother would kill me for it if he could.

Who is your inspiration for acting and for music?

 Acting : Al Pacino

 Music : Richard Hell 

What would a good theme song for your life be?

"I want to know what love is".. By Foreigner

If you were not an actress or a musician , what would you be up to right now?

 I'd be having orgies on the beach in the caribbean listening to The Cure very loud..

Two Items you would like to take it with you if you are stranded in a deserted Island alone  what  would it  be? 

My iphone with unlimited battery and all my favorite music on it..And a knife so i can open coconuts and/or kill myself if I get bored. 

Your music in your own words..

Depressing, vital, poetry, secret, punk, delicate, dreams, raspy voice. talks about death and being alone and sad and abandoned a lot..

Your acting in your own words..

 VITAL, challenges only, full on.. 

  MichaelDaks copyBC!

 The following questions are  random rapid fire questions and if you could give one word answer that would be great.

LosAngeles or Paris?

LOS ANGELES, sunshine, beach, Palm Trees, smiley people. YES. 

Books or Cinema?

Cinema. I have a hard time reading.. i'm dyslexic

Mario Salvucci ?

SpiderMan.. Goth. Favorite jewels. YES.

Chocolate or Ice Cream?

CHOCOLATE Peanut Butter ICE CREAM.. OR mint CHOCOLATE chip ICE CREAM  ( as long as it's vegan and healthy.. you know ! )


Photos by Benni Valsson and Michael Daks



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