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Sunday, 07 July 2013

In Rome for Alta Roma & to visit friends. By Glenn Belverio

Villa Borghese gardens

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I'm having a Roman holiday for an extended 4th of July weekend. Relaxing on my terrace at Leon's Place Hotel and later going to the Jean Paul Gaultier couture show at Santo Spirito and the Gaultier dinner at the splendid Galleria Borghese.

Last night was amusingly Robert Altman-esque during a very long cocktail party at the Palazzo Firenze aka the Società Dante Alighieri in which a cast of zany, prosecco-fueled characters engaged in tipsy, overlapping dialogue with long-lost friends and strangers as we wandered around and around a rambling garden, losing each other, finding each other and trying to make sense of each other in the Roman heat.

Rebecca Voight and I caught up on 5 years of gossip and the long, languid party eventually drew to a close when a large, well-suited man pushed me aside and stood at the end of the bar that was covered with empty champagne flutes. Was he going to throw us all out of the garden? The bum's rush in melody? Then he announced in a booming voice that he had lost a book--a book! -- and everyone in the crowd became VERY concerned and we all looked around in vain for his book.

Now you know that sort of thing hasn't happened in New York since the '90s! No one carries books around in NYC anymore. The crisis would be if someone lost their smart phone.

The lobby of my hotel, Leon's Place


Susan Sabet of Pashion magazine in Cairo and me in the front row at the Ethical African fashion show this morning.


Even though this fashion week is like a Robert Altman film, Rebecca Voight turned out her best Diane Keaton in ""Annie Hall" swagger...


Rebecca and Nunzia Garoffolo at breakfast this morning. They are holding up the Andy Warhol notepads from MoMA that I gifted to Rebecca. One of them says, "Everybody should like everybody."


Me sunbathing on my terrace. I'm exhausted from my private tour of Medieval churches with Roam Around Rome and last's nights cocktail, pizza and gelato hijinx.

Ciao for now,

Glenn Belverio


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Looks like your roman holiday is a lot of fun xxx

Posted by: Dp | Jul 7, 2013 11:23:11 PM

I like The Story of the MISSING BOOK.

Posted by: NancyStout | Jul 7, 2013 4:54:25 PM

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