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Gazelle Paulo is a downtown NY style icon who blogs correctly @ Freak Chic and publishes & edits his own magazine @ Gazelle Land Often collaborating with artist & designer Scooter LaForge, Gazelle is known for always making a visual statement and his own scene. He is the first subject I will introduce you to in a new series of portraits I'm shooting called STYLE EXILES exclusively for Shaded. - WC

Styling by Gazelle Paulo & Scooter LaForge. Photographs by Walt Cessna NYC 13

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Friday, 12 July 2013


MUNCH REPRESENTS+ is an eclectic display of work by the eight artists officially represented by the gallery, along with two guests.

From lurking dreamscapes and uncanny flower fields to detailed black and white cosmographic explorations. From the dense Canadian forest to the decaying wood structures of places once inhabited or perhaps just imagined. It is a repeating practice of kicks and poetry assisted by lashing self-motivational punches.

The gallery is very proud to present a collection of artwork which derives from sheer passion, essence, ambition and distinction

Matt Bahen (CA): Bahen addresses the themes of loss and how to carry on. The duality of mankind’s nature is examined through thickly painted images of ruined interiors and damaged landscapes. It's a study of light – as a metaphor for hope – where meaning can be found in the space between comfort and disquiet.


Jacob Dahlstrup (DK): An exploration of space, mapping a fraction of the 4% visible matter in the universe through heavy layers of graphite dust. The drawings emerge from darkness into light, and the internal structure of the paper, is rearranged and exposed by the impact of sanding tools, erasers and tattoo needles.


Hong Seon Jang (KR): Jang's installations are made from found, and usually common objects. A re-creation or manipulation of materials into a likeness of natural forms to embody new contexts of physical existence, mimicking the fundamental force of survival and growth.


Scooter LaForge (US): Pop Art partnered with abstract expressionism and Dutch classicism. Seductive as the visual landscape may be, rendered in bold eye-candy colors and rife with sensuous forms of provocative allure, LaForge veers far too close to the grotesque to impersonate our normative notions of beauty.


Frodo Mikkelsen (DK): Western mythology and casual juxtapositions are joined in a graphic expression of dynamic color ranges and gradients on fire. It's a thematic study of man versus nature, and past lives versus new beginnings rendered in acrylic paintings and precious metal sculptures.


 Erik Savage (US): A continuation of the Waste Form series, where habit and addiction serve as a culprit to interactions. The brush strokes are loose and the oil paint generously applied to the immaculate white canvas, which in return becomes the beholder of our narrative debris through a collective waste form structure.


Asbjørn Skou (DK): Skou's work is concerned with investigating the peripheral and hidden structures of actual spaces and discourse, and communicating these in attempts to navigate and negotiate their identity. He uses a wide range of media to create artwork which serves as a form of spatial research and communication.


Marshall Weber (US): The artwork explores concepts of audience, cultural memory, linguistics, and social justice. Weber's studio practice (informed by a life-long body of public performance art) is focused on melding unusual visceral materials with intimate, mediatative and gestural hands on constructions.


+Yeni Mao (US): Mao is especially interested in oppositions such as authenticity vs. history, physicality vs. fantasy, and archive vs. memory. The work uses a diverse artistic lexicon to explore the cyclical regeneration of history, often with specific historical or mythological references.


Mie Olise (DK): A constructor, painter and filmmaker – Olise works with narratives relating to the architecture of space, abandoned places and desolate structures. She travels to places in different states of disrepair to research, collect stories and later subjectively develop particular layers of the found truths.

Munch Gallery

245 Broome Street (at Ludlow St.)

New York, NY 10002


F/M to Delan./Essex St. or D to Grand St.

Painting by Scooter LaForge NYC 13

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013



Please go check out Natasha Gornik at the first exhibition of her photography in Paris. Natasha is a Brooklyn based artist who describes herself as a professional Experiencer. For the past decade, she has been photographing the kink culture and capturing the dynamism of the individual through portraiture. Her photography is a visual journal of sexuality, her travels and the individuals that she meets along the way. Still life plays an important role in her work especially in contextualizing the more visceral images. Her goal is not to document but  capture the essence and experience of the scene through the camera. She also participates, making her images part of a personal narrative. Natasha's blog is a diaristic mix of my words and photography which are about food, fuck and a couple things in between. She has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout the United States and her photography exists as limited edition fine art prints.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


As someone who has been fan, proponent and originator of independent publishing in the past (The Key, STOP & CSNA) I'm very excited to announce the launch of my on-line & limited print edition art & literary journal VACCINE. VACCINE will feature a varied assortment of photography, multi-media art & collage, graffiti, short stories & broken werd. The extremely talented & visionary art director Frank Gargiulo will be in charge of the design and visual presentation. The early roster of contributors is nothing short of stellar, including Scooter LaForge, Dietmar Busse, Gazelle Paulo, Bubi Canal, Joel Handorff, HOMO-RIOT, Walt Cassidy, Paul Wirhun, Ethan Shoshan, Honey McMoney, Brett Lindell, Benjamin Fredrickson, Nicholas Gorham, Jonathan Daniel Federico, Chick Byrne, Marne Lucas, Richard Schemmer, Allen Todd Yaeger, Derek Dewitt, Natasha Gornik, Max Steele, Maria Pineres, Bj Dini, Muffinhead, Lee Baxter, Dick Mitchell, Ben Copperwheat, Clint Catalyst, Jeff Silverman, Simon Crawford, Shain Kish, Michael Alago & more to come. I am currently accepting submissions for the first edition which will debut in December 2013 at
No censors. No limits. Ain't no stopping us now. As always, come correct or don't come at all.
Original VACCINE Logo by Mike Lohr @


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Wednesday, 06 February 2013




Viktor Vauthier shoots C-Heads Magazine's 30th cover!
The Paradise Issue features fashion editorials from Ira Chernova, Sam Hiscox and Kesler Tran.
Photo by VV
Stylist Marina German
Make Up Bea Sweet
Hair Michael Jones
Modle Mari Hansen Premier
Designer Costume WeAreHandsome

+ Sarah & The Union Jack  Photo by Sam Hiscox
Love- Chocolatecake

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Friday, 01 February 2013

TRANSMEDIALE 2013 Festival for Arts and Digital Culture - GEERT LOVINK KEYNOTE, BERLIN


Last night I went HKW (Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt) to attend TRANSMEDIALE 2013 Festival for Arts and Digital Culture, being held here in Berlin from Jan 29th - Feb 02. On their website Transmediale say this about the festival:

"traversing thematic threads, professions, panels, exhibitions, film screenings, performances, and workshops; the one Pluto long day and Earth week will present visitors with diverse events re-enacting not-so-distant pasts and half-forgotten places. We will explore unrealistic and poetic modes of cultural critique—as if BWPWAP."

I had originally planned on attending the LET THERE BE LIGHT AND SOUND performance but was encouraged by Filippo to check out keynote speech by Geert Lovink, "BWPWAP Networks with Geert Lovink Social Media: From Complaints to Alternative Tools". Was quite funny timing as I have recently (with great reluctance and hesitation) joined one of the "social networks" (more about this later). The past couple of days as I have slowly explored the brave new world (for me) of social media I found myself confused, disorientated, and overwhelmed to say the least. Attending Geert talk was quite enlightening (possibly even therapeutic), as he pushed for consciousness rather then fear, as well as advocating (by subtle introduction though the talk) many alternative movements in social media networks, methods of protecting and reclaiming your data and ways of using "the networks" in more "healthy" way. Some how the talk made me feel better about the whole thing...well sort of.



Rather then then telling you all about the talk in more detail, I thought it would more effective to share its contents via a series of links and key concepts I gathered from notes on "BWPWAP Networks with Geert Lovink Social Media: From Complaints to Alternative Tools". I hope you enjoy this information as much as I did.

Institue of Network Cultures
Unlike Us
The Video Vortex
Zero Comments
The Unbound Book
Society of The Query
Europe Vs Facebook
Social Network Awareness Blog
Facebook Cheating
Give Me Data
Web2.0 Suicide Machine
Account Killer
Dark Side of Social Media
Andrew Keen
Does the Internet Make you Dumb?
Taking Care of Youth and The Generations
W3C Federated Social Web Incubator Group
Federated Social Web
Peter Sloterdijk
You Must Change Your LIfe
Robert Pfaller
The Information Diet - Introduction - Video
The Information Diet
Net Smart
Henry Jenkins
Smallest Federated Wiki Videos

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 4.00.34 PM


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Sunday, 01 July 2012



Alot of young designers reference the late 80's/early 90's Hollywood Metal scene, but no-one has really delved into the lives of the kids who populated it. That is until now. This is going to be THE must read book for Summer 2012. Written by my very correct friend Mandana Towhidy, it perfectly captures the essence of one of my all time favorite scenes in a very modern and not at all retro way. Here's the teaser -

ARCADIA —- a Metal novel by Mandana Towhidy
(perfect bound/paperback, 214 pages)

Populated by rockers, Deadheads, misfits, skinheads, Goths, surfers, preppies, cheerleaders, and jocks, ARCADIA by Mandana Towhidy is a Fast Times at Ridgemont High for the Metal years.  It's an honest story of Ronnie and her friends (Ezze, Tess, Ash, and Syd), teen girls in the heart of the Hollywood Metal scene during the late 80s/early 90s, ruling it in their own way, with or without the boys, and having the time of their lives: scrounging dimes for burritos, ducking the hallway narcs, getting stoned in the parking lot, and hitching rides to the next party to get wasted, all before noon on a school day. And in the world of Hollywood where more is all you need, Ronnie discovers happiness in Metal and friends and learning to see through the games and the "perfect-ness" of it all. Long Hair Rocks...Again!

the book release date is JULY 8TH, 2012



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Friday, 22 June 2012


Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 4.48.22 AM


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Friday, 02 March 2012




Did Ms Mazza from Simplyprorsum send  Mi-Mi Fukawaka
from Chocolatecake a box of Charbonnel et Walker white truffles?
Oh Gosh, nooo!
Move over luxury chocolate!
Inside the purple box ( attached with cute bow ) were nipples & whips
on printed matter signed by Buenos Aires Fashion Photographer
and Art Director, Basilio Silva.
The Colombian native has shot for Playboy Argentina plus Porsche ( vroom vroom )
plus The Kills and soooo much more!

Peek WOWDiary

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Monday, 27 February 2012

FASHION BYTES by by Sander Saar

FASHION BYTES by from Sander Saar on Vimeo.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last week I was in London for the Fashion Bytes panel. THis is about an hour long but if you have the time I believe you will find it informative.





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