Monday, 09 December 2013


[ M U T A T E . AW13 ]


The homonymous firm of the Mexican designer returns this Fall/Winter 2013 with MUTATE. The starting point is the beetle, an insect that throughout history has been an inspiration for industrial design, architecture and the military world. With eight all-black looks, MUTATE is characterized by oversize pieces, tailored quality and sporty touches. It surprises us with dynamic and original cuts, mesh details, and for the first time in the brand’s history there is a couple of functional accessories (cap and backpack) to create an outfit that reflects the concept perfectly. The collection? Wide-cut blazers with relaxed lapels, sweaters with wide sleeves, pants with big cargo-like pockets, and short wide pants. The textures reflect inspiration and are mixed with the designer’s characteristic black-over-black detail. The fortress, intellect, routine, and strength of the contemporary man is what emerges from this proposal from Zúñiga.

Make up:Ossiel Ramos
Model: Model: Frederik Tölke @ BANG! MANAGEMENT
Shoes: @ Feminine and Masculine

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Monday, 15 May 2006

Mark Eley and the Bonneville Salt Flats

Dear Shaded Viewers, More later from Mark Eley and the Gumball rally. Salt_flatsxxx_1 We are going to have to wait until Mark gets in contact with Anina, the life blog goddess who will help him transfer a load of images to my site from his phone. Looking forward to a bit of text too. You know by looking at the flicker on the left hand side of my screen that he was with Yorgo, Mr. Intersection, and that they had a relaxed and chilled out time driving through Thailand and the American landscapes. A pitstop in Death Valley in a remote hotel in the middle of the desert swimming with some touring Hells Angels, where are those pictures Mark? He fell in love with his beautiful mature Machine which broke down in the desert and was fixed by two Knights in shining Armour from Essex. Let's see what they looked like? Later, Diane

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Tuesday, 02 May 2006


be sure to check out mark eley's photo stream:
eley_mark's photos More of eley_mark's photos

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MARK ELEY -- Sanchez Brother Dan

  Sanchez Brother Dan 
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letting off fireworks on arrival!

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MARK ELEY --- 18hr drive make over

  18hr drive make over 
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mark eley in his rose colored glasses, says "making everything rosey".

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MARK ELEY -- Tony Hawk just caught up.

  Tony Hawk just caught up. 
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57km before brunch!
(on the way to budapest)

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MARK ELEY -- Yorgo working

  Yorgo working 3 
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applying space invader tape to fix bumper!

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Monday, 01 May 2006

MARK ELEY: 5.30 at work

  5.30 at work 
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waiting for a photo opportunity near Frankfurt.

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Prince de Lyon the kind host at the first pit stop.

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mark eley kicking off the gumball rally in london. its a mad scene!

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