Saturday, 11 May 2013

LES BAINS DE MANON made in Provence by Sophie Trem



Dear Diane, Dear Shaded viewers,


Thanks to the magic of social network ( twitter just to name it), i have discovered recently a brand new natural cosmetic made in france, in Provence exactely.
Beatrice de Saint Paul has dedicated this line of skin care to the art of bath : and this is just pure marvel!

They care about nature so they respect it, all the products are FREE of parabens, silicone, GMO, mineral oils  and are not tested on animals. Most brands should take this direction.


All the ingredients are taken from the best nature could give with the most benefic virtues for skin care : seed grape oil, organic musk oil, orange blossom water, organic hamamelis flora, argan oils...

Having tried some of the products i can tell the scents  became obsessionnel, and of course it's totally MADE IN FRANCE.

Take care, and take time !


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Monday, 26 November 2012

FACE PILATES is all you need!

Dear Diane and dear Shaded Viewers,

I have 2 great Australian friends here in Barcelona, Mandy Keillor and Natalie Lang, founders of the cult Pilates Studio Australia Barcelona (since 2006) Their centre specialises in tailored programs focusing on Pilates (including the new and intelligent Barre Pilates and Face Pilates), Osteopathy, Diet and Nutrition, Detoxification.The focus being on people who are wanting to be in their bodies, healthy and enjoy longevity.

They've just developed this new travel tool APP, technique called Face Pilates, nice for us jetsetters! Plus really amazing is their detox at home guide, i think i was speaking about this with you and Jason when we last met here for ASVOFF Barcelona. 

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the APP Diane,


Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 16.49.53






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Thursday, 27 September 2012



Today while all of you in Paris has been "fashioning", on the other side of the world my good friend Gabriellia and I took a day trip to Tepoztlan to go to temazcal (one of my favorite things to do in Mexico). Tepoztlan is one of the many "Pueblo Mágico" (magic villages) in Mexico, and for us after a month of a lot of craziness, It was perfect timing to get out of the city and escape to a land lost in time. In this area of Mexico (about hr and half outside of Mexico City) it is incredible to see how many different shades of green exist in nature (the pics from my iphone, most of which where taking from the car, do not do the landscape justice). When we started our journey in the afternoon it was over cast and a bit rainy, so when we arrived in Tepoz their were beautiful clouds hovering over the green turfs of the mountains.


Hours later when we emerged out of the temzcal, the sun was out shining bright in the big sky. I have taken many short trips to Tepoz over the years and everytime I go, I image never leaving.


More pictures later and thank you to Gaby. I will truly miss Mexico, but will be back soon . And on a completely different note, enjoy this song on the Guzheng.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Reyes Fuchs family for their loss.


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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Smells like 100 % french authenticity ... MAS DU ROSEAU by SOPHIE TREM



Dear Diane, Shaded viewers, 

This is that busy time of the year, when everything and everyone is rushing because of all these FW... but what i like the most about September, it's going to the huge design and decoration trade show MAISON&OBJET here nearby Paris!
I ran into my friend Cecile who was helping out on her aunt's booth : MAS DU ROSEAU, a real 100% made in france Savon de Marseille, totally natural and organic products, declined into so many versions that i felt like needing them all!
It feels so good to see and bring back home some littles pieces of south french relax lifestyle!
1 2

Sophie Trem

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Why somethings are better in theory than in practice: or why going off-grid glamping is perhaps not the best idea of a new mother with a penchant for 5 inch heels...

A Post I wrote for my Italian agency 's blogazine:  we left a peaceful sunny London; we returned to a battle-scarred sci fi tragedy: but that's another story...

Tamara Cincik / Cornwall Ecopod

Stylist Tamara Cincik for our series on the summer adventures of 2DM’s artists.

Memories of our wedding where we spent 3 peaceful nights in a Romany caravan in a Suffolk field close to where we were married at the ridiculously pretty Wingfield Barns, inspired me in a turn of thought where I thought how marvellous, yet utterly golden-tinged it would be if, instead of leaving England for the continent, we went West to Cornwall and Devon…

Jeremy, my husband was less convinced of the merits of this, but after 3 days of 30ºC heat in the city, I remained utterly adamant about the merits of the trip, as our baby boy ‘Dukey’ had been very unsettled by the balmy nights. So I booked 3 nights in a gypsy caravan in Devon, to be followed by 3 nights in an eco-pod in Cornwall.

3 nights in Devon translated to 30 minutes. We collected our Sainsburys online delivery food shop, changed the baby’s nappy and after looking at a picturesque scene of dog hair, stinging nettles and pig manure, realised that this was not the place to be with a 3 month old baby. So we scarpered. The owner kindly offered us a house rental, but we were a bit scared to accept.

Taking refuge in Totnes, a lovely riverbank supper: our first night out with Dukey, was slightly overshadowed by a sojourn in what can only be described as Fawlty Towers without the tweedy styling. Totnes’ answer to Basil had been busy with the laminator: we counted perhaps 15 signs, 2 containing poetry about toilet habits, if I use the term poetry loosely, in a bedroom the size of which is more apt for a bathroom than a room for 3.  Space is obviously at a premium in Devon, as it wasn’t cheap; who knew Totnes is the new Knightsbridge?

The ecopod I had booked in Cornwall's owners were very sweet in allowing us to bring forward our stay and we drove down through Exmoor the next morning – a place so beautiful it still feels rawly elemental.

The , Atlantic Surf Pods are set in land on a farm, over the road from the sea, close to Bude. Think Teletubbies meets The Hobbit: they are well designed, clean, cute and offering good quality barbecue and cooking facilities. All was lovely, the only thing I would say is going off-grid with a 3 month old takes verve and guts in the sunshine, in thunder and lightening, I think it is kind of nuts!

We agreed that had we paid for the nanny all week and had a few beauty/massage treatments – ie enjoyed a London staycation – for the same amount of money spent, we would have been left feeling less exhausted.  A new mother’s back is sore on another level and all I can add is, ladies with babies should go more luxe than home on holiday, not less.

I take total responsibilty for the choice in holiday made: I guess it takes time for a new mother to work out where her old life ends, and her new one starts…

On the plus side, we visited two gorgeous Cornish places of verdant gorgeousness: The The Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan which I would totally recommend each for their individual visions of this green and pleasant land. And the clifftop evening with old friends who had spent the week surfing and staying in a field above the sea for the princely sum of £5 per night, overlooking the Atlantic; where we had a makeshift bbq-ed supper, albeit under 5 layers, was perhaps not a glorious sunset, but fun and epic in its beauty nonetheless.

Tamara Cincik


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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

One Lake, Some Psychedelic Sheep and Lots of Laughter at Latitude. Words by Tamara Cincik, Photographs by Jeremy Fusco.

Last weekend, Jeremy and I took our new van (very excitingly we shall be 'vancationing' this August around England's beauty spots) on it's debut trip up to Suffolk this weekend for Latitude.


What I loved was the different areas of magic and fairy-dust fantasia to play with: from the cinema area, to the literary tent, from the faraway forest, to Pandora's Playground, from watching A Midsummer's Night Dream in the woods, or catching modern dance troupes performing at the lakeside.  

Learning with St Martin's Graduates about one student's dissertation on Female Teds Fashion at their woodland school and shed site.


Extravagant Eye Make-up and Apache Accessories at the Festival  


Outside The Pantheonic Empire's Pyramid Altar with a few believers.

At this point Latitude took a geniusly psychedelic slantways twister of a path, as i bumped into the lovely Carly, who I knew in her previous incarnation working as design assistant for JJ aka Noki, and who now seems to spend her weekends as the High Priestess of tie-dye designed lycra for the religion of hair and indeed everything called 'The Pantheonic Empire'.

Tamara about to be converted by gorgeous Goddess Carly 

Jonny Blue Eyes' Banner Waving Freedom Revolutionaries 

(Hear that Boris: you can take our tents, but you cannot take our freedom!)


A highlight: The Sonic Manipulator.

Imagine Sun Ra in a space suit with his own disco floor and a bike pump as a musical instrument, lighting up the darkness in a wood and you are part way there!..   


You NEED to get this Jeremy!  

Why am I not being pulled about it such a glory!?!  Apparently the parents have decorated it to match their camper van and their two girls sit in refined comfort, genius.  Next year...  

South London Munchkin Band Performing with the Hair Religion Tribe as Backing Tree Hugging Group.

Mini Stylers and Papa Orange

Hanging With My Girls.

For fluffy fun-times and side entertainments as alluring as the main acts, come join us next year, when hopefully I will actually get to shake Billy Bragg's hand... 



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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

iSee Spray Lens

Verde LUI miele Azz Ametista

Dear Shaded Readers,

iSee Spray Lens came to my attention last week, as I overheard a Swiss student of mine in the corridor waiting for an instant caffè macchiato by the noisy refreshments machine. She was telling her classmate about these liquid contact lenses you spray into your eyes. That's right, it makes the application of corrective lenses a simple matter of seconds—while lasting up to 24 hours. The same Swiss laboratory also produces colored spray lenses for those in the mood for a hue swing. For the moment only available in Switzerland and Japan. Soon worldwide, through the grapevine.



iSee Spray Lens

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

From Cyborg Manifesto to Lady Gaga by Alex Murray-Leslie

Lady Gaga in MYKITA Yuri

Dear Shaded Viewers,

After my last post on "Telephone", I´ve had the chance to check out Lady Gaga´s no 1 stylist Nicola Formichetti and read Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway, which led me to new GaGa Gossip!! (from Daniela Zenone) Svengali Lady Gaga goes Cyber! The model; YURI from the MYKITA & Romain Kremer range. (Yuri Gagarine) apparently they´re supposed to protect your 3rd eye and the brain against all the microwaves from mobile phones and other intergalactic noise we live with, i voila  a new Cyborg woman, or as MYKITA say A WARRIOR WOMAN!
photo by Will Alexander/

Bessos from Fashion Fashion! Barcelona

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Friday, 15 February 2008

Costas Argiriou, my Reiki hero

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Costas Argiriou

Leaving the London Fashion Week International party at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch, which was great fun by the way, I tripped on 3 little steps at the exit and hurt my ankle, I might add that all that I had had to drink was water. I know, sunglasses at night.... In the morning I called my friend Mei Hui, the designer behind the brand Victim, who sent her assistant Jin over with some remedies. I decided to be intelligent about this for a change and not to walk on it for one day. As luck would have it my music master friend from Athens, Costas Argiriou was in town and wanted to come over for a tea and chat. He was in London doing the music for Christoforos Kotentos show. When he heard about my little accident he told me that he is a healer and promptly did a little Reiki magic. It's not like I'm walking on a cloud at the moment but I am now a firm believer in the power of Reiki because the improvement was quite amazing. What would the world be without a few good friends? Thank you Mei Hui, Jin and Costas for your help and to the British Fashion Council for taking such good care of me this week.

Later from Paris,


P.S. I also gave Costas a few copies of IQONS Magazine to take back to Athens for one of our contributors, Filep Motwary of Un NoUVeaUiDEAL.

I regret not being able to make it to Mulberry's "The Meaning of Sunglasses" launch for the new book by Hadley Freeman. As a lover of sunglasses, clearly I would be interested in reading the book.

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Friday, 21 September 2007

Anne Fontaine's first organic and urban day spa in Paris

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Anne Fontaine is offering a new spa experience in Paris. If you are fashioned out you might want to take advantage of the hammam, massage, facials, anti-jetlag treatments, etc. etc.


370 rue Saint Honore, Paris. Conceived and designed by Andrée Putman

+331 42 610 370
press inquiries:

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