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Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion



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25hours Hotel in Vienna. Photos & text by Glenn Belverio

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion


Dear Shaded Viewers,

 Last month, during MQ Vienna Fashion Week, I stayed at the quirky 25hours Hotel located at the border of Vienna's newly trendy 7th district and steps away from the wonderful MuseumQuartier (so you can get your fill of Egon Schiele AND hipster thrift shops). The 25hours Hotel reminds me of a few things: the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam--and a time-traveling Bozo the Clown on acid. But really, it's like no other hotel that I've ever stayed at.

The lively "show" mood of the hotel is right in step with many Vienna institutions: the Prater, the Opera Ball, the Life Ball and the city's many music and theater venues. The building that is now the 25hours Hotel began its life in 1971 as a 6-storey student dorm designed by architect Dr Kurt Schlauss.

25hours--a mini empire with hotels in Austria, Germany and Switzerland--opened their property in Vienna in March 2011 after being refurbished by the Viennese firm BWM Architekten und Parnter. The second phase of the hotel was unveiled in April 2013, with 219 guest rooms spanning 7 storeys--topped by the wildly popular Dachboden bar on the 8th floor.

Above: In the lobby and elevators, bars are used to evoke the animal cages at circuses. Now they're used animals! *rim shot*

Headed by Armin Fischer, the Augsburg-based design team Dreimeta was responsible for the hotel's aesthetics and design. A humorous take on the world of spectacle. Sexy and surreal fantasies inspired by Vienna's circus legacy. In 1808, a permanent circus opened in Vienna's Prater amusement park. Throughout Europe, the circus experienced its heyday in the early 20th century when it was a combination of a freak show, a chance to gawk at people from faraway lands, and vaudeville entertainment.

With this in mind, Dreimeta gathered together and revamped vintage finds from this period, without concealing the age of the pieces. They sought out memorabilia with a story to tell. "Juggling clubs, trapeze wires, chairs and desk lamps--we trawled countless flea markets, hunting and gathering," recalls Fischer. "Everything at the circus is temporary and can be put up and taken down quickly. The troupe uses the venue they find themselves in and make the best they can of it with simple means. We wanted to give the hotel an improvised feel too, while still making it seem cosy and not unfinished."




After soaking up the hotel's "Euro hipster backpackers run off and join the circus" mood, I was prepared for whatever my room was going to throw at me....Luckily, I'm not clown-phobic (unlike so many others) so I was delighted by this whimsically frenetic mural behind the bed of my rather spacious suite. I wondered what kinds of dreams I would have in this bed (nice ones, it turned out)....and would it scare off any male suitors who might find themselves in my suite...(no, thank god.)

The mural behind the bed and all of the other 19th-century circus-themed paintings in the hotel are by Berlin-based artist Olaf Hajek, one of Germany's best-known illustrators. They were my favorite element of the hotel.


 I liked how this plush blue rug was used to delineate the "living room" area of the suite....the round rug and others around the hotel are an indirect allusion to a typical circus ring.


 The office area of the suite (and there's a kitchenette, complete with dishwasher to the right, not pictured). This is a bit of a gonzo aside, but I can't hold it in: the mismatched letters and numeral 1 on the wall remind me of an obscure feud between Barneys New York's former creative director Simon Doonan and artist Jack Pierson. Pierson claimed that this style was his intellectual property and that Doonan had stolen it for displays at Barneys Co-Op.



 Even though the hotel is technically 3 stars, one of the many things that imbues an overall luxury feel are the bathrooms. My suite had a cavernous rain shower that was big enough for a circus elephant, and included copious amounts of sustainable bath products. The lighting in the bathrooms is reminiscent of a performer's dressing room (and they were flattering) and the taps have a nostalgic feel.


 The fixtures, like this stool and the waste bucket, feel like they were plucked from a circus trailer.


I don't drink soda but I love the designs of these bottles from the mini bar. What I did partake in was the complimentary tins of high-end aromatic teas that were replenished daily.




 Vintage luggage stacked and repurposed as a display for the flat-screen TV. Clever! And who could not love this turn-of-the-century clothes form.



Each room has its own mascot outside the door....I had the illustrated man snake charmer...


And who doesn't love a good transgendered trapeze artist....


 As a copywriter, I couldn't help thinking that this hotel project was some copywriter's dream job....the design of the hotel is very copy-heavy....for each room, instead of a Do Not Disturb/Please Clean My Room sign, there is a BOOK with red and green pages of 25 sometimes-witty, sometimes-annoying slogans to choose from: "it might not look like it, but it was fun"   "it's the 25h hotel. i need an extra hour."  "police crime scene. move on."   "still naked."   "imagine the rolling stones stayed in the room."   And so on.



 The top floor is the very spacious Dachboden bar and the circus-cum-hipster eclectic decorating theme continues in full force...


 Out on the deck, it's all about the view....on a clear day you can see Maria von Trapp.


 Another view...lovely Vienna....


Normally, hipster vinyl-only DJ booths get on my nerves, but as this is Europe, the taste level is higher and more discerning than in tired America. Case in point: Ennio Morricone's magnificently languid soundtrack for the film VERUSCHKA is displayed totem-like in it should be.



 The spacious and airy restaurant at 25hours, 1500 FOODMAKERS, has a great look, if you love ecleticism (as I often do). The pizza is so good, you'll almost forgive the restaurant's ill-advised official slogan, "Fuck it, eat pizza."


 Mirror mayhem in 1500 FOODMAKERS.


 The hotel at night....I probably took this photo when I was returning from one of my wurst and/or Kaiserbründl runs....


 The 25hours is just spitting distance from Spittelberg, that tiny, charming, cobblestoned Biedermeier festooned pedestrian district that was once--horrors!--a red-light district. Now, for better or worse, you can buy postmodern dirndls by Austrian designer Lena Hoschek and the kind of vintage '70s clothing that Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern first shopped for at a hippie boutique called "Shot Down in Ecuador, Jr." circa 1973.


 Me doing my imitation of Christ routine in Spittelberg...


 The many charms of Spittelberg...this is basically how I feel inside when my appetite is rampaging Godzilla-like through Europe....



Thanks for reading. I had a marvelous stay at 25hours....danke schön.


Glenn Belverio



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Upstairs-Downstairs at the Hotel Marignan

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion


Diane has spoiled me yet again on my last day in Paris on the opening night of ASVOFF taking place later tonight at the Centre Pompidou.  I've duly checked in to the uber-chic Hotel Marignan designed by Pierre Yovanovitch -- a stone's throw from the Champs-Élysées. 

3 4

Split level rooms with epic bathrooms upstairs and living-sleeping quarters downstairs with balconies both inside the room and out overlooking the street.  Of course the ubiquitous bars, restaurants and such.  But also a plush cinema downstairs without even having to leave the front door.  Of course, cinematic Diane Pernet would make that a requirement, wouldn't she? 



Lucky boy I be....Need I say more?  As they say....  a picture truly is worth a thousand words. 

Later Robb

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Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion


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Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion NEWS UK

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Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion


ASVOFF 6th Edition
October 11, 12, 13th, 2013
The 1st International Fashion Film Festival
by Diane Pernet

Founded in 2008 by journalist Diane Pernet, ASVOFF involves a program of short films linking contemporary creation big names and emerging talent (Fashion houses, designers, photographers, filmmakers, artistic directors...) A jury panel of influencers from the arts and media award prizes for for best films. The Paris edition, held annually in October at the Centre Pompidou, takes the form of a more expansive rendez-vous with illustrious guests (William Klein, Mike Figgis, Peter Knapp, Daphne Guinness, Rick Owens, Claude Montana…), as well as conferences, documentaries, feature films and live performances (Rossy de Palma, Woodkid, Rosey Chan …) ASVOFF travels the globe, invited by more than a dozen cultural capitals or prestigious events around the world. This year's president is Michele Lamy and the Godfather of ASVOFF 6 is Larry Clark who will screen Marfa Girl on Saturday night at 7pm and be there live to talk to is open to the public, how cool is that?




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Illustrations by Mitja Bokun

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion



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ASVOFF at Centre Pompidou this weekend...ASVOFF LOVES CENTRE POMPIDOU

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion


Dp cp

Asvoff 6

Pompidou gd

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Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion

Photography Filep Motwary ©

Photography Filep Motwary ©

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Huntergather x Transition Gallery for Frieze

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion

To celebrate this year’s Frieze Art Fair, London, fashion retailer huntergather have collaborated with Hackney’s Transition Gallery to present ‘Ornament’, an exhibition which features unique painted handbags, live art, bespoke jewellery and a pop-up shop.

Showcasing in the huntergather store on Wigmore Street, the exhibition will run from October 15th- November 17th 2013 and centres on handbags painted by six Transition artists; Kirsty Buchanan, Annabel Dover, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon, Alli Sharma and Corinna Spencer alongside T shirts featuring their artwork.

Huntergather 2

Huntergather 5

Huntergather 1


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