Monday, 09 December 2013


[ M U T A T E . AW13 ]


The homonymous firm of the Mexican designer returns this Fall/Winter 2013 with MUTATE. The starting point is the beetle, an insect that throughout history has been an inspiration for industrial design, architecture and the military world. With eight all-black looks, MUTATE is characterized by oversize pieces, tailored quality and sporty touches. It surprises us with dynamic and original cuts, mesh details, and for the first time in the brand’s history there is a couple of functional accessories (cap and backpack) to create an outfit that reflects the concept perfectly. The collection? Wide-cut blazers with relaxed lapels, sweaters with wide sleeves, pants with big cargo-like pockets, and short wide pants. The textures reflect inspiration and are mixed with the designer’s characteristic black-over-black detail. The fortress, intellect, routine, and strength of the contemporary man is what emerges from this proposal from Zúñiga.

Make up:Ossiel Ramos
Model: Model: Frederik Tölke @ BANG! MANAGEMENT
Shoes: @ Feminine and Masculine

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Monday, 12 August 2013




  • Scooter LaForge is the rare artist whose appeal ranges from the trend seeking streets to the lofty echilons of fine art. His neo-surrealist/cartoon abstract paintings have earned him the respect of esteemed collectors worldwide while his wildly popular line of custom silk screened & hand painted tee-shirts are worn by a wide and varried range of all age hipsters willing to worship at the house of LaForge working it on the runway known as life. Recent collaborations with David Dalrymple, Klye Brincefield of StudMuffin NYC for CONVERSE and a long running exclusive with the legendary Patricia Field all provide several options for lovers of the ever growing LaForge brand.

    AWESOME!!! Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Cartoon: Space Ghost Favoirte Treat: Watermelon Favorite Place: The Forest Favorite Time of day: 8am Favorite Movie: Desperatly Seeking Susan Favorite Destination: Tahiti w Gazelle Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter Cup Favorite Cause: HUMAN AND ANIMAL RIGHTS Favorite Color: Beige my links - WC

Taylor Miranda, Tom, Erin Elizabeth styled & photographed by Walt Cessna FL 13

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Liberatum Cultural Honour for John Hurt - by Silvia Bombardini

Liberatum John Hurt Invite

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


For his precious contribution to the world of cinema, last night in London Mr. John Hurt was awarded the prestigious Liberatum prize 2013. With 185 roles and counting, Mr. Hurt has been in almost every remarkable crew you could think of, seamlessly moving from Alien to The Elephant Man, Nineteen-Eighty Four and Midnight Express to Shooting Dogs and most recently, Melancholia and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. One of his personal favorites apparently was in Richard Kwietniowski's 1997 Love and Death on Long Island, which was screened next door while we were invited to celebrate with dinner at the W hotel in Leicester Square. Despite its lavish interiors and suitably delicious food, a lovely laid back, festive atmosphere was there to be felt, and some amazing creative guests came along to the toast. Amanda Eliasch was there, and Pam Hogg (she send her love, Diane), and at my table alone were two famous artists and a delightful sword swallower that recalls her time at ASVOFF 4 most fondly. To my left sat Deborah Curtis, director of the child charity The House of Fairy Tales, and everyone was impossibly sweet. The award itself was created by Russian sculptress Svetlana K-Lie, a knotty statuette reading a script, of a certain delicate Giacomettian elegance.

John Hurt

Pam Hogg and Jewels Good

Jewels is based mid-air between London and Berlin, and she will perform in London later tonight. You can find more about her on her website here.




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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

From Everyday to Everyman, from Stardust to Space Oddity: The David Bowie is Exhibition at The V&A. By Tamara Cincik.


The Press Opening of the David Bowie is Exhibition at The V&A.  The first international retropective of David Bowie's career.


I think a lot of us hold David Bowie dear to our hearts: like a precious friend who has seen us through so many versions of ourselves. We've grown up with him looking back at us across album sleeves and TV performances.  Depending on our age, perhaps we were there right from the start: watching his personas shift from cute quiffed boy next door to asexual alien, from rakish matinee idol, to troubadour.  There is something somehow both avant-garde, yet comforting; if David can do it, so can we.  If he can push himself to change, be creative, let go of success, of characters, identities, in search of new challenges, then so can we.  We don't have to accept anything less from ourselves, we don't have to settle for second best.  We can reinvent ourselves.



When I was starting to style, I was confronted by the fact that the work I was doing, was less than I wanted it to be, than how I dressed myself.  I'd been perfectly confident working as a fashion assistant to some amazing fashion editors, but once it was my name on the page, I felt nervous of being brave, or stepping out of line, of creating stories which were as rich as my imagination.  All of which was obviously frustrating.  One afternoon, I I bought a secondhand copy of 'Hunkydory' from Record and Tape Exchange on Camden High Street, where I lived and played it incessently on my record player.  The album would catch and I would have to nudge it over the jump, and the sound was both stereo and scratchy in that way that only records can be.  One song became my repeat play mantra, 'Quicksand' and it was these lyrics which pushed me to be braver, to reveal more of myself in my work, to dare to rise to my potential:

I'm not a prophet
or a stone age man
Just a mortal
with the potential of a superman
I'm living on
I'm tethered to the logic
of Homo Sapien
Can't take my eyes
from the great salvation
Of bullshit faith
If I don't explain what you ought to know
You can tell me all about it
On, the next Bardo
I'm sinking in the quicksand
of my thought
And I ain't got the power anymore

I loved the way this ballad spoke of magic and dreams, of self belief and stripping away the bullshit.  That someone from Bromley could work hard, plug away and never give up on his creativity, spurred me on to try to be as good as that song.  I wrote a list to inspire myself with my aspirations and top of the page was: 'To be as good a stylist as Quicksand is a song.'  Whether I have achieved that is open to debate, but what I do know is, I tried.  I tried really hard.  I let go of the fear.  Can you say the same?


I was looking forward to the press opening for weeks, would it live up to my hopes, I had a feeling it would, as The V&A consistently holds well curated exhibitions and to take on the popular culture god that is David Bowie, well you have to be brave and you have to have done your research. 

I got a great sense of his collaborations, such as how at an early stage in his career learning dance and mime with Lindsay Kemp informed his performance personas, from Ziggy through to Ashes to Ashes, via a fascinating video of a long haired Bowie visiting Warhol at the Factory and nervously miming opening up his chest to pump his heart to camera. 

IMG-20130320-00003 2

Similarly the clothes, the collaborations with fashion and set designers to create radical stage personas; these are not simple set builds or indeed costume changes.  If I learnt anything, it was how fully engaged he is with all levels of image control, from the mock-ups of album artwork he drew in coloured pen, to cardboard stage sets. 


By the end of the exhibition, I actually felt very moved.  I really appreciated that this is a man, who like me, perhaps like many of us, has felt like an outsider.  Perhaps this is his appeal?  The normal boy from the suburbs, quite a shy boy, it seems judging from the interviews at the exhibition, who was drawn to keep trying, plugging away at being a singer, reading avant-garde novels on his way into work at an advertising agency, and for a time, 10 years in fact, nothing much happened.  And then when he created his first alter-ego in Ziggy, he was able to act, to manifest a stage identity to launch a messianic Martian: part space Odysseus, part Clockwork Orange anti-hero, somehow it struck a chord, a chord of the alien outsider, the leader from the everyday world made supergod from outerspace.




David Bowie is 23rd March - 11August 2013

By Tamara Cincik.

PS If you read this David, the curators said please could you come to see the exhibition.  If you do, I hope you like it.  I did x.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

She is a "Woawman" : Anne-Valérie Hash by Sophie Trem



Dear Diane, Dear shadedviewers, 

Lady Gaga is in Paris, metro is starting to be over crowded....yes PFW is back!
Only a few days before the hysterical showtime when no one is supposed to eat nor see the colour of the sky , but busy finalizing the last pieces before the Defilé, i had this nice parenthesis with Anne-Valérie Hash.

Not only i admire her work because she is talented, hard working, or french... :) i have always wondered how a woman could run and lead her own Couture House and in the same time deal with her family.
So we had this great exchange about life, concessions, conceptions and dreams.
Here is a piece of our conversation :


-Who are you ?
 i am Anne, and Valérie, a mix of simple, softness and complicated. 
I feel like i'm always having those 2 contrasts struggling : one hand is the artistic, the other the intellectual.


-Your astrological sign ?


-What was your childhood dream ?
As far as i remember, i have always wanted to work in fahion : around 6/7 years old i would ask my mum to buy me a Vogue magazine as a present, i would cut all the jewelries pages and wear them on!


-What' your philosophy ?
 Never taking things too seriously, cause we never know what tomorrow will be made of...


-Your favorite meal?
All kind of salads made of vegetables, i'm vegetarian.
This is an other example of the irony of my life, my husbands is in the meat business!


-What do you like the most in life?
To live and not knowing where i am going the next day


- Your favorite character ?
I have an adoration for Marilyn Monroe since always.
She is just opposite!


-Your favorite movie ?
Magnolia, because i love Julianne Moore, the music, and the tension you can feel all along.


-What does happiness means to you?
To be happy with what we have, and simply be alive


-What quality you like the most in a person?


-If you were an animal?
A little bird from the islands


-What's coming next?
We are planning our first flagship store


-What would you do if you had a magic stick for a day?
I would take my 2 daughters and we would walk on the clouds
All i could think of while listening to her was Helen Redy song : "i am woman"
Sophie Trem & Anne-Valérie Hash
MERCI  AVH pour ce très joli moment!
Special thanks to
Take care, 

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012



Dear Diane, Dear Shaded viewers, 
I have to say it : what i like the most about this writing thing is not only meeting with great artists, it's to interact and exchange with people i have always read about!

Michele Lamy is an emblematic figure of LA underground nightlife in the mid 90s. She was the owner of the restaurant/nightclub Les Deux Cafes, a famous club part in a parking lot. She is Rick Owens' wife and muse.They moved to Paris in 2003 to write the story we know today.

Rick Owens was the first designer that actually made me think different.
Few years ago, I met them for a collaboration they did for TRANOI.
That's when i first saw her and she just blew my mind.
I was astonished by the whole thing. It's not just about the unique style and character, i guess it's just her natural charisma that seems coming out from nowhere.
So when my dear friend Sofia Tchkonia interviewed Michele for her documentary and proposed me to join, i was just delighted!
IMG_0608 (Copier)
Michele Lamy & Sofia Tchkonia
Rick's mum's cookies freshly delivered from California
Mobilier RO

Here is a little bite of a breakfast with Michele Lamy :

- What is your morning routine?
- What's your favorite meal?
- What do you like the most in Life?
- How do you do to be so fit?
- What's your idea of modernity? 
- Is there a dream you are still chasing?
- What are your summer plans?
- Anything special cooking @ Rick Owen's for next season?
Michele Lamy
Michele Lamy & Sophie Trem
Thank you Michele!
Photos credit : Stephane Carcopino-Tusoli & Eric Kervern
Sophie Trem


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Wednesday, 04 April 2012

FUKT 2 START WITH by Walt Cessna


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Friday, 25 November 2011

No longer be silent ...



Marco de Rivera

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Dear Shaded Viewers

 I would like to introduce you to Pablo Piatti, he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His parents were second generation European, like many Argentines. He has Greek roots from mother’s side and Italian from his dad’s. Piatti grew up nearby beautiful Buenos Aires until he was 21 years old, when he decided to quit art school and travel to Europe.

Piatti is the kind of person that believes that the older you get, the closer you get to who you really are deep inside–even without knowing it. As a child he was very much a lonesome kid, he would play with animals and create his own world in his grandmother’s orchard. He was lucky enough to have grown up among nature and animals with a lot of free time to explore and observe. This gave him a very solid foundation and a sense of “belonging to something bigger.”


Definitely water-based techniques are the ones that challenge him the most, since it’s harder to control the uncontrollable. The stain that runs freely through the rough surface of the paper... The way colors interact with one another, the breathing and pulsation of the object you are capturing. His first approach to painting was with watercolors. Before that he drew mainly with pencil and charcoal, so color was a very delicate matter, something to be taken very seriously.


Right now Pablo Piatti is making illustrations inspired in Chinese painting tradition where the exquisite choice of the animals and the detailed accessories create  an interesting  dialogue.The result are these unique and enchanting visions that will catch the attention of any sensitive soul. Whether they are for a fashion magazine or a book or even a window display, they could lead to a collaboration with a designer house, for example, as it happened the first time he showed his beautiful sketches.


If you want to know more about him check the new Issue of METAL fashion magazine where you will find a long reportage with him, and in a few days his new website will be launched full of surprises.


Dodi Espinosa


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Friday, 12 August 2011

Interview with Joan Burstein aka Mrs B of Browns fashion Emporium for Jimon Magazine by Tamara Cincik


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