UNDER COVER — by Grace Christopolou

Silence is loud, now. Pure veritas blew away the essence of our words/moments/thoughts.

It’s the canvas portrait of a ghost. Still speaks softly, sometimes.


The last day we met Paris was cold and grey.

I wore my dress under layers of black wool – under cover charme.

All the mirrors love that dress, it looks like an avant-garde piece, but it’s not. My mother bought it for herself when I was twelve but she couldn’t manage to wear it, as she’s not the kind of woman who can wear it. She’s so sweet.

I waited patiently and then, when I turned seventeen, the time came for me to take it.

Black drapes engrave movements with drama. An early widow.

The last day we met I wore it with no respect.

I wore it with no reason, like a dogma.

Drawing the image you’ll keep of me – a pale figure/ a black dame/ a ink shadow under the grey sky.

The fabric was folded between us in our last embrace.


Now. Mirrors are asking for that dress again. I wear it like a perfume.

Fate will give me precious gifts tonight and I already chose my favourite one.

He feels my presence around him, somewhere. He holds his glass and I can read a subtle smile behind his face.

When he comes to me we both know.

Acting as the black dame, I don’t speak that much.

He says he loves my dress and I look away as he’s staring at my legs. Touching me with white fingers, he follows the paths I’ve been drawing for him.

He could never be more close that this.


I’d love to tell that I miss you. You were a perfume on my thoughts.

But there’s no absence. You’re standing there, somewhere, hating(?) pushing(?) judging(?) loving(?) ignoring(?).

You couldn’t dare to hold me the way you wanted to. And I couldn’t stop telling you about my lovers. 

It still takes a while for you to realize that a pure heart belongs to such a bitch.

You blame yourself, as I blamed you.

Under cover, hidden with black layers, truth is finally allowed to change its words.

For beauty’s sake, veritas has always a double face.


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