REAL DAYS : THE ZENON INTERVIEW — by Christos Grigoriou

A: Are we ready to start?

Z: You should be asking this question to yourself.

A: Yes, I’m ready so let’s start. First of all thank you for your time and for this interview, Mr. Zenon.

Z: No Mr. please, just Zenon. Titles just don’t belong to my esthetics.

A: Where does the name Zenon come from? Is it your real name or a nickname?

Z: My real name of course. I find it to be a very common name, don’t you? 

A: No, not really. Are you baptized?

Z: Probably in blood but I don’t really remember. Long time ago and I tend to forget the past.

A: Forget or erase?

Z: Ask my mind. I’m not responsible.

A: Baptized in blood… that sounds very cheekily satanic…

Z: Maybe it was red wine… Barolo… I don’t imply anything about satan. Who really cares about him, except for the virgins, I am more important than him.

A: Your feeling that you are more important than satan gives me the feeling that you believe there is one.

Z: Well, he’s just an ugly guy that church made up to represent bad. Let him be! It suits a lot of people. 

A: I guess that you are not religious.

Z: Religion is the real satan or devil, however you wanna call him.  But enough with this nonsense. I thought you were interviewing me. 

A: Of course… I can’t help but notice the way you are dressed. 

Z: Dressed? I thought I was naked. Interesting, tell me exactly what you see.

A: Well you have a black tight skirt on, black boots with gold sole, black shirt and a blue made to measure tailored jacket.

Z: Hmmmm… the so called avant garde look of these days. I promise that I came here naked.

A: But I can’t see any skin….

Z: Don’t worry, it’s just a projection of your expectations. I’m really naked here and feeling very comfortable… if only the heating was a little bit higher, but no complaints. 

A: Are you suggesting that I have illusions?

Z: No. It’s just the fact that your mind is flood with reality. A reality that is somehow injected in your DNA. Spending too much time in front of your computer or TV?

A: Don’t you have to these days?

Z: Have to? Are you leading your mindset or you leave it to the ones that know best?

A: Technology is making things easier or not?

Z: Only if you understand that the real technology behind everything is your mind… I’m sorry but the moment calls for a glass of red wine… maybe the one I was baptized in. Would you like to taste it? Maybe it will open your mind a little bit.

A: ……



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