Curt Scarlet Coat — by Judson Hamilton

she stands in a curt scarlet coat 
fashioned from the plumage of a thousand cardinals.

at the sound of him, she turns from the window
(dark damp ringlets of hair
swollen charcoal marks beneath each eye – black lipstick)
at the edge of her coat,
the smudge of a dark inverted triangle between her thin thighs

a metal crank protrudes from her temple and she begins to turn it in slow, laborious revolutions
yawning in accompaniment
mouthing plumes of musical notation 
the music reaches a brief pause in its cycle - -
her torso splits and twists away 
a duplicate slips from her skin, in an identical coat of infectious red,
the same swollen rings, ebony marks & smudges
a disturbing symmetry which only intensifies
as she, too, begins to crank the handle at her temple
invoking yet another generative cycle


Proposed by Dandyakuza on Wednesday 09 March 2011 at 01:05 PM

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