Amie — by Daniel Area Wakahisa

Once, not twice
I fell in love
Amore mio
And everything was perfect
You and me like
Adam & Eve.

At one point, not two
Our picture fell apart,
All that was left
Was a grain of sand
Which I kept locked
In my heart.

And time passed—
Like wind
From one place to another
Like clouds,
And just like the clouds
I bled tears.

Not one but many,
I rained until
I was left with nothing
Nothing but one memory
Which I no longer

These tears have landed
Here on Earth
This wonderful place
You cannot imagine,
Where everything
Is pure sand.

And where I unlocked
My heart so that
I could collect
That one grain of sand
And give it back to you,
Amore mio.


Proposed by Daniel Wakahisa on Thursday 07 April 2011 at 01:38 PM

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bellissimo...I believe I know the muse...

By Rhett · 29.07.2011 · 04:40 PM

Invisible you are, Daniel let me now how you are.

By Johanna · 17.07.2012 · 12:01 PM

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